Amazon Prime Day Walmart Deal: Massive discount on the Google Home smart speaker

Save big on this smart speaker at Walmart

amazon prime day walmart cheap google home smart speaker
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You can get thousands of tech products for dirt cheap from Amazon this Amazon Prime Day. You know what you can't get though? A Google Home smart speaker. Amazon doesn't sell them. But fear not: Walmart not only sell them, they also heavily discounted them off for this Amazon Prime Day. You don't even need to pay for a membership to get access to this fantastic deal either.

Google Home can be set up easily using the Google Home app. Just download it from Google Play and follow the on-screen instructions. Once set up, just use your voice to control your connected smart devices and listen to music or podcasts. Have you got a burning question? Ask Google about anything, like 'why do men have nipples' or 'do penguins have knees' and the smart assistant will tell you the answer straight away.

You can also set reminders, schedule meetings and events and make calls using the Google Home smart speaker. If you already invested in Google streaming services such as Google Music or have Chromecast set up, Google Home will make browsing way simpler.

Although the Google Home looks appealing in itself, it's also super easy to personalise the speaker. Check out these Murray Designs hard case covers on Amazon, for example. 

The Google Home might not be a best in class smart speaker, but for this price, it definitely does worth a look. It's a deal to rival Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day.

 | Now $69 | Was $129 | Save $60$60 off at Walmart!

Google Home - Smart Speaker & Google Assistant | Now $69 | Was $129 | Save $60
Stream your music and podcasts with Google Home. Use your voice to get answers and to schedule events, set reminders and much more. Get connected and make your home smarter with Google Home. $60 off at Walmart!

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