Amazon Prime Day: I already own a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and I'm buying more of them today

They're 50% off right now on Amazon

Amazon Prime Day: Samsung Galaxy SmartTag
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Most of the products I usually write about are the kind that you’re likely to umm and ahh about, not this one though. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is affordable and now thanks to the best Prime Day deals it's even cheaper. I already own one, but you’d better believe I’m buying a couple more before the day’s up. 

Before I get further into it, it’s only owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, tablets or laptops that will want to buy this. Everyone else should check out the Apple AirTag or Tile devices. But if you do own Samsung Galaxy devices then you need this in your life - you’ll never lose your keys, wallet or your phone again. 

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is 50% off for Prime Day making it only £15 to buy. Its more feature-packed sibling has also been reduced, from £39.99 to £27.99, a discount of 30% and the cheapest it’s been since its release.  If you go for the more expensive Plus version, you'll get more precise tracking and extra smart features like augmented reality. 

So what’s so great about it, I hear you ask? You attach it to your keys, your bag, slip it in your purse, keep it in your luggage (if we’re ever allowed on a plane again) - you can more or less put it with anything you don’t want to lose. Then, if you do misplace your possessions, you can use your phone to find them.

I've been using it for a while now, and it's only become more useful to me the longer I've had it. I'm really prone to losing my keys. Most of the time I lose them around the house but a couple of weeks ago I visited a restaurant and walked out, leaving them on the table. I was reunited with them in a matter of minutes though, as I had attached the SmartTag to one of the keyrings.

Amazon Prime Day: Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

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When I realised I was keyless, I just opened up the SmartThings app where there's a section called SmartThings Find. It shows you the precise location of your Galaxy devices on a map, even when you are out of Bluetooth range. To do so, it gets help from Samsung's huge network of Galaxy devices in the area. It's a life-saver. That's what really sets it apart from the competition like Tile. You can find the tag using an alert noise as well, which you activate from the app. So my keys are covered, but now I want a couple more to put in my purse and my passport holder. That way I'll never lose track of either of them.

That's not all it does though. Before owning the tag, I was constantly wandering around the house searching for my phone. Eventually, I'd find it in my jeans pocket or mixed up in the bedsheets. And while I do still leave my phone in weird places, the days of hunting for ages are gone because the tag actually works both ways. When I press the button on it twice in quick succession, it makes my phone ring even if it's on Vibrate or Mute. That feature has saved me more times than I care to admit.

Amazon Prime Day: Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

(Image credit: Samsung)

You can also set the button on the tag to control elements of your smart home, like if you wanted to use it to switch on a light as you arrive home.

With the pricier version, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus, the coolest way of finding the tag is through the augmented reality feature on your smartphone camera. It'll visually point you in the direction of the tag and show you how far away you are, as well as giving you far more precise tracking information. Find out more in the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus review.

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