Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals by category: the sales are on now and you could score up to 50% off

The best deals on TVs, headphones, cameras, kitchen appliances, gins, smart home bundles, Echo and Fire devices… basically everything

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Amazon Prime Day is on now, and will rumble on till midnight tomorrow (the point where Tuesday July 17 becomes Wednesday and Cinderella turns back into a pumpkin).

There are more than 1 million deals globally across TVs, smart home, kitchen, grocery, toys, furniture, fashion, appliances, fitness and more, with 40% more UK Spotlight Deals (ones lasting for the whole day and a half of, er, Prime 'Day') and numerous Lightning Deals, which come and go in a matter of hours, with new deals "becoming available as often as every five minutes," according to Amazon.

This could all become rather exhausting but peruse this list and use it to target your purchasing choices. We've tried to pick out only the best, because we know both your time and money are precious.

Don't miss out on Lightning Deals

To help you keep up to speed with the Lightning Deals, Amazon has added a new tracking feature to its mobile app: Watched and Waitlisted deals.

All the deals revealed so far

• Up to 50% off Amazon devices

We have ranked these in order of how good a deal they are, based on using each device and the amount of discount applied… 

Echo Spot £89.99 (£30 off)

This mini, round-screened device can't match the Show for sonics, but pair it with a Bluetooth speaker and that won't matter. Its tiny footprint and better 'hearing' make it the best Echo device to date. Clearly you won't want to be watching MCU movies on its tiny, round screen, but it's great for video calls and for Alexa to pass you info.

Echo Show £99.99 (£100 off)

A great looking device, and the Amazon Echo flagship, but the very large discount perhaps tells its own story in terms of how not-quite-so well loved it is by punters.

Amazon Echo £59.99 (£30 off)

The original and… well it's not the best. But a very solid deal at this price.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote £24.99 (£15 off)

A steal, although we prefer Roku's sticks in general.

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa £39.99 (£20 off)

Cheap as chips, mate.

• Still on an Amazon own-brand tip, you can get up to 30% off selected AmazonBasics products. Up to 20% percent off one-of-a-kind products with Amazon Handmade. Up to 30% off innovative and unique products from today’s brightest entrepreneurs with Amazon Launchpad.

Up to 40% off robot vacuum cleaners

• Neato Botvac: up to 50% off

Arguably the leading robot vacuum cleaner brand in terms of quality, Neato's Connected bots pull off the best combination of intelligent navigation and powerful suckage of dirt, for our money. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that the Botvac D7 Connected, which now has a HUGE, £300 discount, is hands down the best robot vac there is.

• iRobot Roomba: up to 30% off

Arguably the leading vacuum cleaner in terms of brand recognition and appearances on Breaking Bad, iRobot's Roomba vacs have become more intelligent in recent years and remain formidably powerful.

• Eufy

The more affordable robot vac is now… even more affordable.

• Read T3's guide to The best robot vacuum cleaners while you wait for these to go live…

Cheap smart home bundles

• 45% off Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Echo Spot bundle 

Almost £100 off this killer combo of a smart doorbell with a camera, and a smart speaker with a screen. As Brooklynite butler Max from 80s TV show Hart to Hart would have said, "When dey got togedduh, it was moi-duh!" 

• 50% off Echo Show + various smart home gizmo bundles

These are pretty damn substantial savings, whether you want the Show with the aforementioned Ring doorbell, or Philips ever-excellent Hue bulbs.

Cheap booze! Do shop responsibly, please

• Up to 30% off premium white spirits including Grey Goose, Edinburgh Gin, Tanqueray and more.

• Get in the spirit by reading T3's guides to the Best gins and the best vodkas you can buy.

Up to 40% off toys

• Fisher Price

• Barbie  

• Hot Wheels and more

• You can do your research beforehand, courtesy of T3's best toys of 2018 chart…

Up to 50% off Coffee Machines

• Nespresso

• Krups

• Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to upgrade your coffee machine. We have rated the very best bean to cup coffee makers, as well as espresso machines and – for the coffee lover in a hurry – the best pod coffee makers – we'd expect to see a number of them appearing at reduced prices over the next 2 days. Oh and also…

• Cheap coffee pods

Up to 30% off Sennheiser, Bose and Sony Headphones

Will Bose's first-gen QC35 be in the Prime Day sale? 

• Shop the best Amazon Prime Day headphone deals



Sony (headphones, speakers and TVs)

Headphones always sell like the clappers on Amazon Prime Day and this year should be no exception. With Sennheiser for the purists, Bose for lovers of moderately stylish premium cans and Sony's reliably high quality wares all set to get big price cuts, there's already something for everyone. 

The deals so far don't include the flagship likes of Bose's QC35 and Sony's WF-1000X, but there are some decent deals to be had – the older QC25, for instance.

With the headphone market currently totally over saturated, it's no surprise that plenty of other brands are now flogging headhones cheaper on Prime Day.

Up to 30% off TVs from LG, Sony, Toshiba and more

Sony AF8: most unlikely to be on sale. But there will be OLED and LED 4KL TV bargains aplenty

• All the Amazon Prime Day TV deals

• An epic Philips OLED deal

• Arguably the best TV deal of the lot, with a premium LG TV for under £850

Do these include the Sony AF8, or the OLED glory that is the LG C8? Erm, well… no, of course not. 

However, there should be some great deals on slightly older LED tellies and just a few OLEDs. Toshiba TVs are great value even before they're discounted, so keep a close eye on what Amazon has on offer here, too.

This could be the perfect moment to make the step up to 4K and HDR. Or to buy a cheap telly to put in your downstair's loo. Choice is yours.

Hey, feast your eyes on these lists, and cross your fingers for what might be 30% cheaper come the Day of Amazon Prime…

Up to 30% off projectors from Epson, Optoma, LG and Sony

Projectors give you a screen size to put even the best TV to shame

• Shop Amazon Prime projector deals

Speaking of upgrades, they don't come much bigger or better than moving up to a projector. There will no doubt be 4K models included in the sales, but the real bargains might be among late-period full HD projectors. Some of these give truly stellar visual quality and with 30% discounts you could be paying (relatively) peanuts for them. Our top tip would be Epson for premium HD models and Optoma for affordable 4K. 

If you have the money and some of Sony's 4K projectors come up with a significant price cut, SNAP THEM UP. 

£35 off the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Prime Day price: £74.99 (was £109.00)

Kindle Paperwhite, now £35 off

Plenty of people still rock Kindles, many years after they kickstarted Amazon's move into making gadgets, and revolutionised the way we consume books – we don't think that's any exaggeration. 

Amazon has honed and honed its flagship e-reader and the Paperwhite has the look and feel of a real book, whilst also being a magic book that can become anything from Fermat's Theorem to the latest horses-and-shagging bonkbuster from Jilly Cooper. 

Had the Kindle Paperwhite existed in the Middle Ages, Jeff Bezos would surely have been burned as a witch, but as it is, all the product needs for mass acceptance is a £35 price cut… and that's what it now has.

£40 off Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet. Prime Day price: £59.99 (was £99.99)

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition: great content, 2-year warranty

• Shop the Amazon Fire Kids Edition deals

You have to think of these 7-inch and 8-inch Fire Tablets as three products in one. They're respectable tablets, exactly the same in hardware terms as the adult Fire 7 and HD 8 (as you can probably guess, the latter is larger and has a 1080p resolution). But more importantly, they come with a year's subscription to Fire for Kids and a protective case in – oh dear, how old-fashioned – blue or pink.

Once the tablet has been set up by you, Fire for Kids provides thousands of hours worth of age-appropriate books, apps, games and video. Suddenly, that 3-hour drive to gran's house is not such a chore. This normally costs at least £1.99 per month (for one child) if you're an Amazon Prime member and up to £3.99 for non Prime members.

The standard pricing on Fire for Kids. But for the first year, to you, it is free…

Almost as good is that as well as protection from the bumper case, Fire 7 Kids Edition also comes with a no-questions-asked, 2-year replacement guarantee. So no matter what ridiculous way your kids find to destroy the tablet, Amazon will replace it, so long as there are some kind of identifiable remains.

At £59.99 and £89.99 these are an absolute steal.

Up to 30% off Sony and Canon Cameras

Sony cameras, going cheap (and 'click click')

Some really excellent Sony and Canon cameras are getting the discount treatment. Both brands make some of the best DSLR, CSC and compact cameras available to humanity, so you'd expect rich pickings… and that's what Amazon is serving up.

The great thing about cameras is that slightly older models are every bit as good as the most recent ones, in most respects. So even if it turns out we're talking slightly more 'mature' stock here, there should still be copper-bottomed bargains to be had. How does £500 off a Sony RX1 Mk4 grab you for starters?

Up to 40% off Kitchen and Home appliances including Crock-Pot, Tefal and Philips

A Philips juicer, yesterday

• Shop Amazon's home and kitchen wares.

Now is a great time to fill up your kitchen and home with more stuff! But stick to the best stuff, and you will be happier in the long run. 

Remember: that £20 yogurt maker or foot spa might seem a good deal when you're in a shopping frenzy, but they will just take up valuable cupboard space for many years afterwards, until you finally find them again, all covered in cobwebs, and chuck them out.

Stick to quality wares you'll actually use, such as Philips' slow juicers and Crock-Pot slow cookers and Tefal, um… slow blenders (?) and you won't go wrong.

Up to 30% off Keter Garden Furniture and Storage

Want to spruce up your outdoor space with furnishings and/or storage? Keter is a leading purveyor of such things, doing everything from multi-seat outdoor lounge sets, to stools, to plastic boxes for putting stools in. 

• And there's a whole lot of Keter's al fresco wares on sale right now…

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