Amazon Prime Day smart home deal: Get the Blink Mini security camera for just £24.99

Or get a Blink Mini camera with Amazon Echo Show 5 smart screen for £49.99 – that makes the Show ridiculously cheap!

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The best two days of the year for deals are upon us. No, not Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but Amazon Prime Day, the two day deals bonanza that sees huge discounts on basically everything. One example that caught our eye: Amazon's Blink security camera division is offering an Echo Show bundle for £50, or you can get just the camera for £24.99!

Just like Amazon's Ring, Blink offers portable security cameras designed for indoor and outdoor use, with two-way talk on some models and fully-fledged smartphone apps that let you see who exactly is coming to your house, whether it's the postman or an intruder. 

As if that wasn't enough, Amazon is throwing in its Alexa-powered Echo Show devices, with either a 5-inch or 8-inch display, to get you in the Prime Day spirit. If you go for the Echo Show 5, you're basically getting the Echo Show for just £25… It's an unmissable deal and classic Amazon all at the same time.

Upgrading your home security setup has never been so simple and easy with Amazon's Blink and Ring smart security cameras. Let's dive into the deals...

Blink Mini | £34.99 £24.99 from Amazon

Blink Mini | £34.99 £24.99 from Amazon
The basic Blink Mini security camera does what it says on the tin: 1080p video is fed into your smartphone with motion detection and Alexa onboard, too. It's as simple as plug-and-play, giving you peace of mind in an instant.

Amazon Echo Show 5 + Blink Mini | £114.98 £49.99 from Amazon

Amazon Echo Show 5 + Blink Mini | £114.98 £49.99 from Amazon
This is where things get interesting: Amazon is bundling its Echo Show 5 smart display with a Blink Mini, giving you a saving of £65 and basically getting an Echo Show for £25 in total. It's the epitome of Prime Day deals excellence.

Amazon Echo Show 8 + Ring Indoor Cam | £168.99 £69.99 from Amazon

Amazon Echo Show 8 + Ring Indoor Cam | £168.99 £69.99 from Amazon
Closing out the unbelievable deals from Amazon is perhaps the best one: an Echo Show 8 and Ring Indoor Cam (instead of the Blink Mini) with a discount of £99, a huge saving. The perfect way to get your smart home setup going.

So, if you've been looking for a way to get hold of a smart security system and an Echo device, Amazon has answered your prayers: Echo Show plus Blink or Ring cameras with discounts starting at £65. Don't miss out...

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