Amazon Prime Day 2019: expect 36 hours of deals from 15 July

When is Amazon Prime Day 2019? What are the best deals to expect this year? Plus all the Amazon devices that are currently reduced ahead of the Prime Day sale

best amazon prime day deals 2019

Amazon Prime Day is an annual event where Prime customers get exclusive discounts on a range of items. It's Amazon's way to reward Amazon Prime customers and to tempt new customers to sign up for the service. 

This year will be the fifth Amazon Prime Day since it first started in 2015 and we're going out on a limb to predict the date for Amazon Prime Day 2019.

Whether you're after a new 4K TV, smart home upgrades such as Hue bulbs or an Echo device, a new coffee machine, hair straighteners, games consoles, audio equipment or, er, some gin, Amazon Prime Day will have what you're after. It's like a big Black Friday event before the actual Black Friday which lands in November.

The only thing you have to do is shop smart, and don't buy a load of old junk, just because it's going cheap. We'll be able to help you there as we'll be scouring Amazon for the very best deals throughout the Prime Day period and adding them to this page.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Amazon has not yet officially confirmed the Amazon Prime Day 2019 date but here is our prediction: Amazon Prime Day 2019 will start at midday on Monday 15 July and run until midnight on Tuesday 16 July.

We're basing our prediction on the fact that in 2018 Prime Day ran for 36 hours from Monday 16 July through Tuesday 17 July, and in 2017 it ran for 30 hours from Monday 19 July.

Prior to 2017, Amazon Prime Day was on the second Tuesday of the month, so if the 2019 36-hour Prime Day period doesn't kick off on Monday 15 July, it could begin a week before, on Monday 7 July, running through until midnight on Tuesday 8 July.

And, of course, given that Amazon's sales seem to last longer every year, we could be looking at an Amazon Prime Day that lasts a full 48 hours in 2019. But until we know more, we'll stand by our Prime Day prediction above.

What are the best Amazon Prime Day 2019 UK deals?

There are no Amazon Prime Day 2019 UK deals (or any Prime Day deals) live yet. We'll probably start to hear about reductions on Amazon's own devices and services in the week leading up to Prime Day and then there will be a rush of deals for the 36 hour period that is Amazon Prime Day itself.

To give you an idea of what to expect, last year we saw heavy discounts on mobile phones, Amazon devices such as the Echo Show and Echo Dot, games consoles, 4K TVs, body grooming essentials, cookware, mattresses and much more.

Amazon makes a lot of devices now, so if you're looking to buy any of the items below you could save money on Prime Day. Some Amazon devices are even reduced already. All current discounts are listed below – we'd expect prices to rise again over the next few weeks before they come back down for Prime Day so if you want to take advantage of these prices you might want to hurry.

It's also almost certain that there will also be discounts on Amazon services such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited, and Amazon Prime premium video channels, just as there were in 2018.

We'll have all the best Prime Day UK deals on this page as they go live.

Where can I shop for Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals?

Right here! We'll be updating this article with links to the best Prime Day deals throughout the Prime Day sale period.

Additionally, in the US, you'll be able to browse all the Prime Day deals on the Prime Day page.

In the UK, you'll find Prime Day deals on the Prime Day page.

How do I watch deals on Amazon Prime Day and get the best Lightning Deals?

Every day, Amazon has short-lived deals which it calls Lightning Deals. These can be found on Amazon's Today's Deals page – you'll find a link to it on the Amazon home page. The deals are available, one per customer, until the promotion period for the deal expires or until the number of available products are purchased. For popular deals the products can sell out well before the deal period ends.

Usually, Lightning Deals are available to all Amazon customers, but during the Prime Day sales period Lightning Deals are only available to Prime members. 

That means that to get the best Lightning Deals during Amazon Prime Day you need to a) be an Amazon Prime member and b) be fast. Fortunately, to help you avoid missing out on Lightning Deals that you are interested in you can 'watch' upcoming deals.

To watch a deal, click 'Watch this Deal' in the Upcoming Deals section when you are logged into your Amazon account. Those deals will then be shown at the bottom of the Today's Deals page in a section called 'Deals You're Watching'. If you have the Amazon app on your phone, and notifications are turned on, you'll get a notification on your phone phone when the deal is about to go live.

It's worth remembering that after claiming a Lightning Deal, the item will only be available in your shopping basket at the Lightning Deal price for 15 minutes. If your order is not completed within that time then the promotional discount will expire and your basket will display the normal Amazon price for that item. The advantage to you is that is that if a Lightning Deal is sold out and you join the waitlist for your chance to claim one, some people who see that the deal in their basket has expired will cancel the purchase and then it becomes available for you to snap up at the Lightning Deal price.

What were the Amazon Prime Day 2018 best sellers?

While we don't yet know what products Amazon will be discounting for 2019, we do know some of the best-selling products from Amazon Prime Day 2018. Amazon says it sold more than 100 million products with the FireTV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote and the Echo Dot proving especially popular. (By the way, if you want a cheap Echo Dot, you don't need to wait until Prime Day – check out this cheapest ever Echo Dot deal.)

Non-Amazon products that Amazon says sold well varied by country. Some examples are below:

United States: Instant Pot pressure cookers

Canada: LifeStraw personal water filters

United Kingdom: Bosch cordless drills

Spain: Cecotec Conga robot vacuums

Italy: Braun grooming kits

Australia: PS4 consoles

India: Redmi smartphones

We'll leave you to draw your own conclusions from that list.

A history of Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is when Amazon offers discounts on thousands of products. The first Amazon Prime day took place in 2015 and it's been getting bigger every year, even eclipsing Black Friday in 2017.

It's already big in the US and the UK, and in 2018, Amazon Prime Day also came to Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands and Luxembourg for the first time.

Amazon Prime Day also ran for longer in 2018: a full 36 hours compared with the 30-hour period that it occupied in 2017.

In fact, Amazon Prime Day was so popular in 2018 that some customers had trouble accessing the site. Afterwards, Amazon said that had "some key learnings for next year" so fingers crossed that the site copes with demand.

As for Amazon, while we don't know how much money it made from Prime Day last year, Business Insider predicted that Prime Day sales would be up 40% on 2018 to $3.4 billion in global sales. While Amazon didn't disclose how much it actually made, it did say that Prime Day 2018 was the biggest shopping event in Amazon history with over 100 million products sold – though that may have since been eclipsed by Black Friday 2018.

In total, last year there were more than a million deals worldwide, with 50 percent more Spotlight Deals than there were in 2017.

Those discounts also extended to Whole Foods Market so you could pop along to your local store to get an additional 10 percent off hundreds of sale items, and discounts on select popular products.

Also new for 2018 was what Amazon described as "hundreds of well-known and emerging brands around the world will unbox exclusive new items, content and special-edition products available just for Prime members for a limited time."

Who qualifies for Amazon Prime Day deals?

To take advantage of any Amazon Prime deals you will need an Amazon Prime account. Prime is Amazon's premium service which offers unlimited one-day delivery on all your orders, plus access to the Amazon Prime Instant Video service for a fee of £79 or $119 per year. Use the links below to get your free trial (and yes, you can still get the Prime Day deals as a trial customer).

Are Amazon Prime accounts worth it?

As well as having free next day delivery, you also get access to numerous other services including the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. You can also store unlimited numbers of photos and borrow ebooks. If you live in London or some other major cities you also get access to Amazon Prime Now – a one-hour delivery service on a bunch of essential items. You can also join Amazon Family, which means 20 per cent off nappies, if you're into that.

And of course there's the annual Amazon Prime Day with more than 100,000 deals worldwide exclusively for Prime members.

A nice new option for Prime members in the US that was launched earlier this year is Amazon Day. This lets Amazon Prime members choose a day when their orders are delivered, meaning that that they are all delivered on the same day.

So if you buy a lot of items in the days leading up to and through Amazon Prime day, you can opt for everything to be delivered on your chosen Amazon Day, meaning that you only have to wait at home on that one day for your deliveries. It's also potentially greener as it means less delivery trucks being sent to you house and less cardboard packaging to recycle.

To use the new feature, simply select the "Amazon Day" option at checkout and choose the day of the week you want. Then, as you place more orders throughout the week, choose Amazon Day as your delivery option. The items will then all be delivered free on your chosen day.

If you want to try Amazon Prime for free before you make your mind up, you can do that, too. Just cast your eyes to the next paragraph...

Can I get a free Amazon Prime account?

Yes! If you're new to Amazon Prime, you can get a one-month free trial. If you're a student you can get a whole six months free, which is almost worth going back to college for if you're not already enrolled.

Find out more and get your free Amazon Prime trial account.

If you can't wait for Amazon Prime Day to start shopping for deals, then check out Amazon's Daily Deals page to see new offers every day.

Amazon Prime news and updates

3 May 2019: Amazon says that it will expand its one-day shipping to more areas in the US. Apparently, it will expedite its free two-day shipping for Prime members to one-day shipping starting in the second quarter of this year (so it should be available in some areas in time for Amazon Prime Day). There are already one-day, same-day and one- or two-hour delivery options available for Prime members in some areas of the US, but it's the core two-day delivery option which is being upgraded to one-day delivery. In the UK, Prime customers already benefit from one-day delivery for a majority of products.

13 May 2019: Amazon Prime's one-day shipping has now started to roll out in the US. The Verge has confirmed that a new delivery option of 'Prime FREE One-Day' is showing on "various Prime items" on Amazon. There's no mention in the article of which areas now have free one-day shipping, and Amazon did previously say that it would take some time to roll out across the entire country, so while it's great to see it becoming available, it may not be available in all regions in time for Prime Day. If you are a Prime member in the US, simply look for that 'Prime FREE One-Day' label when you're browsing products to see if it's available in your area.

14 May 2019: Amazon is launching a new service called Amazon Counter – a new network of pick up points that allows customers to collect their Amazon parcels in-store at a partner location. In the UK the first high street retailer participating in Amazon Counter will be Next and the service will be available nationwide. The service is available in the UK and Italy. Not only is this a convenient way to get your orders, but Amazon also says it will help local retailers, citing Andrea Locatelli, owner of a store in Italy which took part in the Counter trials, who noted that when customers came in to pick up their Amazon parcels, they would also often buy a newspaper, chewing gum, or small gift. So that's nice. And as you can see, the person in the photo below has bought some new clothes from Next while collecting his order. 

(Image: © Amazon)

15 May 2019: In attempt to make Amazon Prime deliveries even faster – such as getting Prime packages delivered in the UK in as little as one hour – Amazon has come up with a novel solution, though we're unlikely to benefit from this for this year's Prime Day. The company is offering its employees, including warehouse staff, grants to set up as independent delivery drivers. In the UK those grants are equivalent to three months salary and in the US, employees can apply for up to $10,000 in start-up costs if they are accepted into the programme and leave their jobs, plus three months' pay. The scheme will offer drivers discounts on Amazon branded vans and uniforms and a guaranteed consistency of packages to deliver. "Customer demand is higher than ever and we have a need to build more delivery capacity," said Doug Gurr, Amazon’s UK country leader.

17 May 2019: Could UK Amazon Prime customers soon be offered discounts on food from local restaurants as a Prime benefit, either on Amazon Prime Day or year-round? It's possible as Amazon has just made a large investment in UK food delivery service Deliveroo, so perhaps we'll see Deliveroo discounts just as we see discounts at Whole Foods during Prime Day. The difference is that Amazon wholly owns Whole Foods but it is just an investor in Deliveroo, albeit a big one – while the exact figure that Amazon invested wasn't given, it was the biggest investor in this round of fundraising which raised £450m.