Amazon gives you the chance to embrace the Bitcoin revolution

New computer opens up to new miners

Making money from Bitcoin users could soon be a thing for regular consumers after Amazon started taking pre-orders for a machine allowing you to mine Bitcoin (well, sort of).

The 21 Bitcoin Computer created by 21 Inc. is made up of a Raspberry Pi 2, power adapter, 128GB SD card, Wi-Fi adapter and USB-to-laptop cable that all fit snugly inside a smart black case.

Bitcoin mining is where it all becomes a bit confusing. The group behind the group explains that owners won't be able to profit directly from actual mined currency and instead will be able to make a small profit selling goods.

“Yes, you can indeed make a profit with the 21 Bitcoin Computer. However, you would do so not by directly sellingBitcoin, but by selling digital goods forBitcoin. That is, you are not going to get rich by immediately selling theBitcoinmined by the device for offline currency, but you can potentially do very well by selling digital goods and services to others for theirBitcoin,” read the provided description.

Bitcoin's very nature is that it is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that has no central governance and thus no single place that issues money. This is where miners come in and by using specialist software that solves the complexBitcoinalgorithm they are given a number of coins in exchange.

Miners also have a job to approve transactions over the network and it's from this thatBitcoingets its reputation as being so secure due to the sheer number of miners that are working on the network.

Pre-orders for the 21 Bitcoin Computer have already kicked off ahead of its release on November 16 and it costs $399 (£257).

Via: Neowin