Amazon Echo Show 5 smart speaker is currently reduced by 38 per cent

Cheap Amazon Echo Show 5 deal slices 38% off its cost

Amazon Echo Show 5
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The Amazon Echo Show 5 is the world's most popular touchscreen smart speaker, and thanks to this excellent deal its price is currently reduced by 38 per cent.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is so good as it offers the exact same functionality that the larger Echo Show does (which has a 10.1-inch screen), but does so in a much more every-room-friendly 5-inch form factor.

That means you can use the Echo Show 5 as a smart home speaker, smart home hub for controlling all your smart home devices (bulbs, thermostats, cameras, etc) as well as an entertainment and information station.

Watching videos, following recipe instructions, or simply catching up on the daily news, weather and traffic is 100 per cent in the Echo Show 5's wheelhouse, as too making video calls to friends and family.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Amazon Echo Show 5 | Was: £79.99 | Now: £49.99 | Saving: £30 (38%)

Amazon Echo Show 5 | Was: £79.99 | Now: £49.99 | Saving: £30 (38%)
The Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display, speaker, and smart home hub is a fantastic all-round product, and here in thanks to this deal it is available with a fat £30 price cut. That means instead of paying its regular price of £79.99, right now you can pick it up for just £49.99. That's a straight 38% saving, which gets even better when you factor in you get a choice of colours and free delivery.

In our Amazon Echo Show 5 review we said that the touchscreen smart speaker was "the perfect smart display at the perfect price", and now that price has just got even more perfect, as it has been reduced by 38 per cent.

We praised the Echo Show 5 for being "polished" and "simple to use", and lauded it thanks to how it is "packed with features" and "getting better all the time". That's why it is so easy for us to recommend this deal, as it scores that top product for cheap.

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