All Samsung Galaxy S11/S20 phones are set to pack a hefty 12GB of RAM

Even the "Lite" versions of next-generation Samsung devices are set to have incredible capacity

Samsung Galaxy S11
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We know – or at least, we think we know – a lot about Samsung's forthcoming flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S11. Rumours around its 108MP camera, its 8K video recording capability and its screen's 120Hz refresh rate have all come to light in recent months. We're even aware of a potential name change, as the phone could be renumbered the Samsung Galaxy S20. 

Thanks to a well-known leaker, we've just confirmed another piece of information about the upcoming phone. If this latest rumour is to be believed, Samsung's Huawei P40-beater is shaping up to be even more impressive than first thought. 

Leakster-in-chief Iceuniverse, someone with a great track record of Samsung leaks, has taken to Twitter to reveal that all three rumoured phones in the S11/S20 range, said to be called the S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, will sport 12GB of RAM. 

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus contain 8GB of RAM as standard, with a 12GB RAm model available for the S10 Plus. Having 12GB as standard on all phones is great news, as even the baseline S20 model will sport the improved memory. 

Why is RAM important?

The purpose of Random Access Memory, or RAM, is to quickly load and access data. The higher the number of GBs of RAM a device has, the more powerful programmes it can use. Some computer games, for example, require a certain amount of RAM due to the sheer amount of data needed to process and play the game.

Smartphones with more RAM have the capacity to process more data quickly and run more powerful programmes. The current top-end phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and S10+ are packing 12GB of RAM, so it's interesting to see this capacity trickle down to the lighter models.

As Samsung leads the way, will we begin to see more phones with 12GB RAM in 2020? Perhaps by the end of the year, this sort of capacity will become more common even in mid-range phones. It'll all kick off in a few weeks time, as the phone is due to be unveiled on 11 February.

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