Ahead of Sky TV price increase, Virgin Media unveils £348 discount in new deal

If your Sky TV bills are set to increase next month, Virgin Media has just rolled-out a competitive new rival deal

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Sky has confirmed plans to increase the monthly cost of a number of its popular satellite television packages, including the basic Sky Entertainment bundle, Sky Q Multiscreen, and Sky Fibre Broadband.

The last time Sky increased the price of its subscription plans was February 2018. The latest changes will take effect on Monday April 1, 2019 for all Sky TV and Broadband customers, with Talk changes taking effect on May 1, 2019.

Ahead of the price increase, Virgin Media has launched a seriously competitive new deal on its Full House bundle, which includes 230 channels, including ESPN, Sky Witness, Disney Channel, Discovery, Fox HD, Sky One HD, Cartoon Network, and all the BT Sport channels in HD. It also bundles fibre broadband and weekend calls.

The Full House bundle comes with a TV V6 set-top box, which lets you record six shows simultaneously while watching a seventh you recorded earlier. The box also lets you search across live channels and on-demand services, like Netflix – helpful if you're unsure where something is showing. It also supports 4K Ultra HD, too.

Virgin Media typically charges £74 a month, but is currently offering the Full House bundle for £45 a month to anyone who signs-up for a new 12-month contract. That means you'll be saving a grand total of £348 over the year. After the contract ends, the price will revert to £75 a month, although there may be other deals available at that point. Virgin Media has offered the same bundle for £57 a month in the past.

Virgin Media Full House bundle |VIVID 100 fibre broadband | TV V6 box | 230 Channels, including ESPN, Fox HD, Sky One HD | BT Sports Collection | £74 £45 a month with £25 set-up fee
Virgin Media has cooked-up a stellar deal just in time for the upcoming Sky TV price rise – what a coincidence, eh? With its latest discount, Virgin Media has price-matched its lowest-ever price on the Full House bundle. It offers pretty much everything you could want to keep the whole family entertained, with terrifyingly fast fibre broadband and over 200 channels to enjoy on the new TV V6.
Offer ends March 24, 2019View Deal

Around 60% of the UK households are now able to receive superfast Virgin broadband, but if you're not in a compatible area, why not head to T3's best broadband deals page or use the price comparison chart below to see what alternatives are available to you.