A cheap Samsung Galaxy foldable phone might steal the iPhone 16's limelight

An affordable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 might launch earlier to compete with the new iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
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Samsung are gearing up to release an affordable foldable phone according to reports.

Plus, the latest information suggests they could launch it directly against the iPhone 16.

Whether you're already a convert or still a non-believer, it's hard to argue that foldable phones are cool. Fusing fashionable design with the latest technology makes these devices incredibly popular.

While the market has flooded with new models in recent years, chances are you'll still default to a Samsung phone. The brand has arguably got the top spot for both book-style and flip phones, with their Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, respectively.

For a little while now, rumours have swirled about the brand announcing a more affordable option. That's something which the segment has been crying out for, with high prices among the biggest barriers to entry for most people.

Now, a new report suggests that may be coming earlier than we'd expected. That's according to The Elec – a Korean outfit with a good track record for leaking information.

Their report suggests that the regular Z Fold 6 series could be brought forward to July. That's in line with orders placed with manufacturers, which are ahead of last years schedule.

With the more affordable handset expected around two or three months later, it looks like the release could go toe-to-toe with the new iPhone 16. That might be a massive turning point for the market segment.

Because sure, it's hardly a direct competitor. The vast majority of iPhone users are blind buyers, simply exchanging one Apple stickered box for another.

But the launch of a commercially viable foldable phone will still be big news. It certainly could turn the heads of some buyers, eager to try something new. That seems likely to be the train of thought at Samsung HQ, regardless.

So will it work? Well, time will tell. It will more than likely come down to the specs which can be achieved for the reported $800 price tag of the affordable device. One thing is for sure, though – we'll be keeping an eye on developments every step of the way.

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