PS4 Pro set for massive price drop as Sony stops production in favor of PS5

The PS4 Pro might be disappearing from store shelves for good in the near-future

PS4 Pro
(Image credit: Sony)

As the PS5 continues to sell out at record pace, plenty of players will be spending another Christmas with their old reliable PS4. Those looking to snap up an older console for cheap could be in for a nasty surprise however, as Sony appears to be discontinuing the PS4 Pro

Released in 2016, the PS4 Pro is positioned as an upgraded PS4 capable of supporting 4K, although this is done via dynamic upscaling. Unfortunately, the PS5’s ability to deliver native 4K gaming at 60fps at a similar price somewhat renders those Pro benefits moot. The next-gen console might be superseding the PS4 Pro altogether if a Sony store listing is accurate, which means we could see a big price drop for the console! 

A Reddit poster first discovered the unusual message on the PS4 Pro’s PlayStation Direct store page. Underneath the out of stock alert, Sony has alerted buyers that “there are currently no plans to restock this item in the future”. 

We checked out the store listing for ourselves and as of the time of writing, the notice is still online. Whilst there is no official statement yet, it’s a grim outlook for the future of the PS4 Pro, although there is a possible silver lining. 

Sony could be taking notes from Microsoft, which discontinued the Xbox One X earlier this summer, making way for the Xbox Series X. Furthermore, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition had its price permanently slashed.

If Sony discontinues the PS4 Pro, we may see the price of stock plummet, incentivising the patient gamers among us to pick up a system for cheap. 

The PS4 Pro still retails for roughly $399 / £349 / AU$549 at various sellers – a starting price either identical or very close to the PS5 Digital Edition. Sony will need to slash that price tag to clear out stock and make it look like a more attractive offer than the all digital current-gen console. 

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Of course, there are also PS5 Pro rumors floating around, that will make the Xbox Series X quake in its boots.

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