5 things I want to see at the Apple iPhone 14 event next week

The iPhone 14 event is only a week away and this is what's on my wish list

Apple event
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An Apple event has now been confirmed for 7th September and so we're just over a week away from another slick presentation from Apple Park in Cupertino, California. 

While we don't know for sure what will be released, we have a pretty good idea of what's coming. This year, we expect to see an iPhone 14 and it is very likely to come in both regular and Pro versions, as well as a Pro Max flagship. But there are lots we still don't know for sure. 

It's unlikely to just be the iPhone though. Last year's September iPhone 13 event also gave us the Apple Watch Series 7, a new iPad mini, 9th generation iPad. While back in 2020 the iPhone 12 event also gave us the HomePod mini. So what am I hoping for this year? I hear you ask. Well, let me tell you...

iPhone 13 with iOS 16 lock screen

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1. An always-on display iPhone

Based on what we've seen so far with the iOS16 Beta, an always-on display is coming. The new lock screen design is perfectly set up for it, giving you Apple Watch-like widgets and some lovely personalisation around the clock, colours and how the images interact with it. 

I suspect this always-on display won't be on all models, which is okay. It's not going to be something that everyone wants, but I do hope it's at least on both iPhone Pro models. 

2. iPhone camera changes

iPhone 13 Pro product shot

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To be honest, the notch on the iPhone 13 doesn't bother me. The placement of the carrier info, signal and battery life make me forget that it was ever any other way. However, getting more screen real estate is never a bad thing and there have been rumours that the area taken up by the front camera and Face ID is going to get smaller. 

The camera array on the back of the iPhone has got seriously impressive over the years but despite getting larger apertures and sensors, that resolution has remained the same 12MP. With a potential push to offer 8K, it's likely that we will finally see an increase in resolution this year, possibly to as much as 48MP. 

While this means smaller pixels, by using groups of pixels or pixel binning, it should still be able to handle at least the same depth of colour and low light performance. In fact, I'm sure when combined with the new processor, it will outperform the older models. 

Apple Watch Series 5

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3. Apple Watch Pro

In addition to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8, there's talk of Apple releasing an Apple Watch Pro. Much like Samsung's new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, this model is likely to be larger and more extreme sports-focused than the regular Apple Watch. 

One of the big advantages of this – aside from a larger screen – is likely to be a bigger battery. Having a two or three-day battery makes the watch more suited to outdoor adventuring, but it also has benefits for anyone that doesn't want to, or forgets to charge their watch every night.  

Apple AirPods Pro

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4. AirPods Pro 2

According to Macrumors the current AirPods Pro are now over 1000 days old, making them the oldest product in its range. Surely then it's time for an update? The latest AirPods 3 were a huge improvement on the last, so hopefully we'll see an equally impressive update here. 

It would be great if there was finally a way to enjoy all that lossless audio in a wireless earbud. Maybe the AirPods 2 could be that answer. 


Original HomePod announcement

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5. HomePod

The original HomePod was discontinued back in 2021, leaving us with just the HomePod mini. As great as the mini is, Apple is missing a powerful flagship speaker to show off its lossless sound, so I'm really hoping that there's a HomePod 2 on its way, and it would be even better if it arrived this September. 

There's been rumour of a HomePod device with a screen, which would open it up for watching video, FaceTime and controlling more smart home devices. There was even whispers of some kind of Apple TV integration – and that's another product that is overdue a makeover. 

Tim Cook presenting during an Apple keynote, on black background, with multicoloured Apple logo beside him

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... one more thing

Steve Jobs would often hold the best for last in his theatrical product presentations and the 'one more thing' has included everything from the MacBook Pro to the Apple TV. Tim Cook even used the immortal words to reveal the Apple Watch in 2014. 

I'd love to hear them again this September, possibly to reveal Apple's VR headset plans or even a first look at an Apple car. It's probably way too early to see finished versions of either of these but there's always a chance Apple could surprise us. 

Mat Gallagher

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