5 mistakes men make with their skincare routine

You should probably think again if you make any of these mistakes

male skincare mistakes
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Once upon a time, male skincare meant grabbing a block of soap and hoping for the best. It's arguable that those days were simpler, but the world of beauty and grooming has progressed. There's a lot of studies and science out there that tells us how to look after our bodies, and skin falls under that. 

However, that doesn't mean things are easier. Wrapping your head around the never ending list of grooming products and what to do with them can be extremely overwhelming. To help with this, I've rounded up the top five mistakes every man can make with their skincare routine, just so you know what to avoid. 

We've already looked at the five mistakes women make with their skincare, so you can always pop over there if you're nosy. 

1. Not cleansing everyday 

No matter what anyone says, cleansing every day is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. It washes off dirt, oil and grime that builds up throughout the day, hence why breakouts happen when you don't remove it. Men also produce more testosterone than women which causes their skin to release oil at a faster rate. 

It's important to cleanse at the end of every day, ideally just before bed. Try to look for a cleanser that isn't too irritable and respects the skin’s natural protective barrier. If your skincare products break your skin barrier, it leaves your face feeling dry or uncomfortable.

2. Picking up bad shaving habits

Picking up bad shaving habits can cause razor burns and ingrown hairs, all leading to irritated and angry skin. Even the best electric shavers and razors can aggravate your skin if used poorly or incorrectly, so a good shaving routine goes hand in hand with a good skincare routine. 

You should start by washing your skin with warm water before applying your shaving gel or cream. Always shave in the direction of hair growth and apply a soothing moisturiser when you're finished. You shaver or razor should always be clean as well, so make sure you read our guide to how to clean your electric shaver for more information. 

3. Not using SPF

I've said it before and I'll say it again. SPF is key to any good skincare routine! Daily protection from UV rays is the most effective way of reducing the signs of ageing.

You should be applying it in some form every morning, and even during the colder, cloudier days. Look for a moisturiser that contains a minimum of SPF15 in the winter and SPF30 in the summer to keep your skin in better condition as you age.

Read our guide on why you need to wear sunscreen daily for healthier skin if you're interested. 

4. Underestimating the power of moisturiser

If you didn't know, keeping your skin hydrated is crucial to keeping your complexion looking clear and refreshed. However, a lot of people fall short of this by not knowing what their skin type is, so make sure you find a moisturiser that's intended for your skin type specifically. We've rounded up our best men's moisturisers if you want to take a look. 

If you’re not sure whether you're dry, oily or combination, opt for a moisturiser enriched with vitamins C and E to energise and moisturise the skin, while controlling shine. Read these 7 reasons why men should moisturise for more information. 

5. Not being consistent 

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when it comes to skincare is not staying consistent. A lot of people get frustrated when their moisturiser or eye cream doesn't make them look ten years younger overnight, so it's tempting just to give up. It's so important to know that a skincare routine won't cure all inconsistencies immediately, so it's important to stick to it to see the results you want.

Check out the ideal skincare routine for men to find out how to start. 

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