5 luxury smart home gadgets everyone needs in their kitchen

Looking to upgrade your kitchen space? These five gadgets will help

smart kitchen gadgets
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There's no denying that the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in anyone's home. It's the perfect place to spend time with family and friends, and of course, cook delicious meals. For that reason, it's important to make sure it stays looking its best. 

We've already covered the five sustainable kitchen gadgets everyone needs, but now it's time for some luxury. With the help of Zara O’Hare, an interiors expert at Land of Rugs, I've rounded up the top five items every kitchen should have. These products will keep your cooking space practical whilst looking great at the same time, and who wouldn't want that?

1. Wine fridge

Hoover H-Wine 700 review

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If you weren't aware, warmer temperatures aren't great for wine. Yes, it's easy to whack a bottle in the fridge and call it a day, but the likelihood is that it still won't be cooled at the right temperature. Wine fridges and wine cabinets are specially designed to store wine with precise temperature control. They can also provide features like dual temperature zones and accommodating various wine types simultaneously.

2. Smart lighting

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Adding extra lighting to your kitchen is a brilliant way to highlight different areas for a more functional space. They can be fitted under cabinets and drawers, even tucked inside cupboards, to illuminate those dark corners and storage spaces. Check out the best smart bulbs or the best Philips Hue smart lights for some ideas on where to start. 

3. Motion sensor tap


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For those seeking to combine functionality with a touch of the extraordinary, why not invest in a motion sensor tap? Waving a hand to activate the tap instead of getting dirty or soapy hands all over is a touch of magic that instantly elevates your kitchen's look. They're a great way to save water as well!

4. Smart garden

Click & Grow

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Smart gardens and plant pots are perfect for people with limited or no access to the outdoors but who still want to flex their green thumbs. Depending on the model, you can grow up to three plants at a time, including tomatoes, lettuce, basil, strawberries and more. The base of the smart garden contains a refillable water tank and the top of the unit has a grow light that stays on for several hours a day. They also look pretty great! 

5. Built-in speaker


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Gone are the days of bulky radios or precariously balanced phones on the countertop. Built-in speakers hidden neatly in the ceiling or cabinets deliver crystal-clear sound without taking up precious worktop space. They also allow you to enjoy your favourite music, podcasts or radio shows while you cook, creating a more enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere. 

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