5 beautiful fragrances for your home this summer

Your house deserves to smell incredible - find out which scents you should use this summer

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If you were to ask someone to describe the scent of summer, you may get a few varied replies. For some, it’s about a fresh, ocean breeze. For others, the scent of blooming flowers and revitalising herbs says it all. Some may not know what perfume notes even are (read our guide on perfume notes if this is you!) Fragrance is a personal thing, but no matter what your preference is, they are a great way to recreate the lasting warmth of the sun and savour the ambience of your home. 

Whether you like oil diffusers or candles, there are so many refreshing fragrances to choose from, making it tricky to choose. This is why we’ve put together a list of the best fitting scents you can find this summer, meaning all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. 

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1. Rose

A floral scent that will add a delicate and silky fragrance to your home is rose. In the UK, roses come into bloom in June, associating the fragrance with fresh, floral gardens in the summertime. Rose is an elegant and soothing scent, ideal for a space you would like to relax in. 

2. Coconut and vanilla 

Coconut and vanilla are wonderful summer scents, reminding us of tropical beaches and the hot, blazing sun. Both are very popular scents in sunscreens and body lotions, making it easy to reminisce about past holidays and basking in the heat. Whilst they both complement each other beautifully, coconut can create an even more exotic concoction when mixed with orange blossom, neroli, bergamot or lime. 

3. Lily of the valley

Widely known to be the late queen’s favourite flower, lily of the valley is another beautiful floral summer scent. In contrast to rose, lily of the valley is a softer and less assertive scent. It’s a great choice if you haven’t got a garden to enjoy, but would still like to bring the scents of flowers and nature into your home. 

4. Citrus and Verbena 

Combining the herb verbena with citrus will give our room a refreshingly cooling atmosphere. It is a beautifully intense scent, and has been said to resemble a crisp summer evening. Citrus also helps to restore energy and lift your mood, doing so by boosting your body’s production of serotonin. They also reduce levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine, so they perk you up but keep you feeling calm at the same time.  

5. Sandalwood 

Thanks to its incredibly light, musky and warm scent, sandalwood is a great go-to for summer. The sandalwood fragrance works beautifully in scented candles or diffusers, perfect for creating a reflective and comforting atmosphere. It’s often paired with citrus fragrances to create a rounded nose of scent, as well as complementing white florals such as jasmine and gardenia very well. 

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