Under 20-minute HIIT workout for the time-poor to lose weight and tone up quicker

Follow this quick under 20-minute HIIT workout to kick start your weight loss process

20-minute HIIT workout
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This under 20-minute HIIT workout was designed by Jason Bone, Head of Strength at FLEX Chelsea, for the time poor. Time is off the essence, especially when it comes to workouts and we understand that. We all have other engagements and issues to tend to, but we also want to lose belly fat and boost our metabolism naturally, and this quick HIIT workout can help you do that.

Sometimes, all you need is a quick HIIT-boost and if that is the case, this HIIT workout is best home workout for you. You won't need any of the best home gym equipment either as these exercises are bodyweight-only but trust us, this is an intense HIIT workout nevertheless.

HIIT workouts have been popular for a number if years and for a good reason: they are a quick and effective way to get the heart rate up and to burn fat more efficiently, even after you've finished with the workout.

Gyms might be reopened, but we can safely assume many people won't be returning anytime soon. Some might be worried about general hygiene levels in commercial gyms, others might just not want to pay for gym membership anymore.

Whatever the reason, if you are one these people, give this quick home tabata workout a go, you won't be disappointed. This workout is yet another reason why you should try HIIT.

Put together by Jason Bone, Head of Strength at FLEX Chelsea, this home tabata circuit will effectively bring your heart rate up and help you lose belly fat. 

Is this the ultimate HIIT workout? If you like bodyweight exercises, it might just be.

under 20-minute HIIT workout

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How to perform this under 20-minute HIIT workout

This under 20-minute HIIT workout consists of four rounds with each round containing two exercises each. Within each round, you'll superset the two exercises, meaning you'll do them almost back-to-back twice. Once finished, you'll have a 20-second rest and carry on with the next round. In a nutshell:

  • In each round, superset two exercises: 40 seconds on then 10 seconds rest, twice
  • 20 second rest between each round
  • Move onto next round

Completing all four rounds should take you around 15 minutes or maybe a bit less. Before the exercise, it is recommended to do a few minutes of warm up which could be running on the spot, knee ups/butt kicks, jumping jacks etc. It could be whatever exercise you prefer as long as it brings the heart rate up a bit and warms up the muscles.

Round 1

Ski jump

Balanced on one leg, jump across to the opposite leg as far as you can whilst maintaining good balance upon landing.

Push up

Start in your hands and feet with your body as straight as possible and pelvis tucked in, slowly lower your body down until shoulder are lower than your elbows, push yourself back up to original position. An alternative option is to drop to your knees but maintain straight body.

Round 2

Jump lunge

Start kneeling on one knee, in one swift explosive movement, switch to the other side. Alternate between each side.

Glute bridge

Lay on your back, knees bent, heels on the floor. Tilt your pelvis upwards, raise hips as high as possible, squeezing your glutes as hard as you can.

Round 3

Leg under/Side kick-through

This is a tough one! Starting on your hands and feet with your knees tucked under your chest and your pelvis tucked under tightly, take left leg and rotate your pelvis pushing your left foot between your right and hand and right foot, placing your hip on the floor. Come back to your original position and repeat with opposite side.

Plank rockers

Start on your elbows and feet, body straightened, core engaged and pelvis tucked under. Rock your body back and forth over your hands.

Round 4

Mountain climbers

Starting in a push up position, drive you knees into your chest alternately in a fast pace as if running on the spot.

Starfish sit up

Lay on your back with your legs and arms spread in a starfish position. Raise your left leg to meet your right hand using your core to engage the movement.

Liked this?

For a similar workout you can join FLEX Chelsea’s FLEXit classes. Their signature class FLEXit is a high intensity workout involving a combination of unilateral and bilateral exercises, designed to work your whole body and test the limits of your heart rate.

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