Deadlift dumbbell home workout: build muscle and get strong using home weights and bodyweight only

This deadlift dumbbell home workout will help you build muscle and strength in your home gym without a barbell

Deadlift dumbbell home workout
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This deadlift dumbbell home workout can be just as effective for building muscle and improving strength as doing standard deadlifts in the gym. Most usually, doing deadlifts involves using the best barbells but not many people have these at home. Fear not as this deadlift dumbbell home workout uses only the best home weights and bodyweight exercises only. 

Knowing how to deadlift correctly – whether you are using a barbell, dumbbell or the best kettlebell – can mean a difference between building muscle and getting stronger or getting injured by pulling your back. The deadlift might be the king of lifts  but you must do it correctly for it to be efficient.

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This deadlift dumbbell home workout routine was put together by experienced Starks Fitness PTs who know how to build muscle fast both inside and outside the gym. In case you are after some home weights to perform this home workout, you can find all the best home weight deals here: buy weights online.

IMPORTANT: If you are new to exercising or have back pain issues, please consult a PT/physiotherapist or a medical professional before you attempt this workout. Should you want to build muscle, consider taking some protein supplementation such as protein powder or protein bars to aid muscle growth and recovery. FYI, Starks Fitness has its own protein powder range and it actually tastes good!

Single Leg Hip Thruster

Set/rest: 4 x 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest

Start with feet hip width apart, lying on your back with your right foot a few inches off the floor. Drive your left heel down into the ground, raising your hips up, ensuring you squeeze your glute and drawing your belly button in at the top. Lower your hips until just off the floor. Repeat.

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Set/rest: 4 x 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest

Start on one foot with 1 kettle bell in the opposite hand. Pull yourself into a hip hinge, keeping your spine neutral and hips level with the floor. When you reach a comfortable stretch, drive your foot down into the ground and squeeze your glute to pull you into extension. Pull back to a neutral position and then stand back to starting position. Repeat.

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Split-stance Single Kettlebell Russian Swing

Set/rest: 4 x 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest

Stand with feet hip width apart, left foot in front of right so there will be a slight gap between left heel and right toe. Maintain a neutral or straight spine throughout this movement. Start by gently thrusting your hips and creating some momentum with the kettle bell (be sure to keep your thumb facing upwards).

Gradually increase the amount of hip flexion (bending over), as the kettlebell lowers towards your hip so you can increase the thrust power. A Russian swing means the load should be adequate to challenge your max range of around shoulder height. We are looking for an explosive hip thrust just as we would in a deadlift.


Complete all three exercises above on one side then go straight into the other side before taking 60-90 seconds rest.

Broad Jump and Stick

Set/rest: 3 x 4-6, rest 10-15 seconds between each jump

Start with feet roughly hip width apart and raise your arms in front of you ready to initiate an explosive jump. Drive your arms down and back whilst dropping into a quarter squat. As you hit the squat depth, drive your arms up and forwards whilst jumping as far forwards as you can without jumping too high.

You are aiming to land with both feet parallel and hip width apart, decelerating into a partial squat with sticky feet; so no stepping forwards. The initial hip thrust and leg drive into the floor will mimic a deadlift pattern when driving into the floor to raise the bar.

Death March With Dumbbells

Set/rest: 3 x 2-4 minutes, rest 90 seconds

Start with 2 kettlebells, take a step forward planting the front foot and flexing forward at your hips, keeping the knee slightly flexed, lengthening your hamstring. Allow your arms to naturally flex forwards maintaining tension through your spine and keeping shoulders taught to maintain a neutral posture.

Your rear leg will have greater flexion at the knee and the load placed through the forefoot, maintaining the stability at the hips to stop any twisting. Bring yourself all the way upright before stepping through and repeating the process on the other side.

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