The iPhone 15 range could be the most iconic design in Apple history

It's another step in what looks set to be one of the most substantial iPhone redesigns in recent history

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra phone in silver and gold on white background
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With the sheer volume of leaks and rumours coming out about the iPhone 15 range, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was just weeks away from release. As things stand, we have no reason to suggest Apple are going to break from tradition – meaning we'll be waiting until September to see them properly unveiled.

Apple may not break tradition for the release schedule, but it would seem nothing else is safe. According to recent rumours about a curved screen design, the next generation of Apple's iPhone could look quite drastically different to the phone we've come to know. 

If it comes out as the leaks have described, I think it could be the most important iPhone design in history. Thinner bezels are always a plus, but its the curved edges which are really interesting. The iPhone has become synonymous with sharp edges and defined lines – moving away from that is a significant decision.

And it's one I think has been made with the user experience in mind. Don't get me wrong, the current design isn't uncomfortable per se. But there's no denying that rounded edges are more comfortable to hold. 

That difference is especially pronounced when using larger, heavier devices over a longer period of time. Having recently spent some time with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, I found myself impressed with how comfortable it was in use. Despite being much larger than my usual handset – an iPhone 13 – the S22 Ultra was easy to hold for longer stints. I think a big part of the reason why is the rounded edges.

Of course, a stylistic change will be worthless if the device inside can't keep pace. Fortunately, that doesn't seem likely. Based on rumours, the new range is set for a big technical overhaul, too.

For example, the iPhone 15 Ultra – the next generation of the iPhone 14 Pro Max under a new naming convention – is tipped to be getting a titanium frame and a 3nm processor among a host of upgrades. Even the standard models look set for a boost, with rumours suggesting they'll get the three-camera array currently found on the Pro models. That's in addition to things like USB-C and Dynamic Island being available across the range.

When you put all of that together, the iPhone 15 range looks set to be a real hit.

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