PSVR2: All the games available at launch – is PS5's VR kit worth buying?

Right now we can list 15 titles, but Sony promises over 20 by February 2023 launch and more to follow. But is that enough?

Sony PSVR2 and Horizon Call of the Mountain
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When Sony revealed the PSVR2's asking price was more than a PS5 console many were surprised. But, in context, it's cheaper than the best VR headsets for PCs at the moment, with comparable or better specifications (including custom MediaTek chipsets), and now that PSVR 2 pre-orders are open for its 22 February 2023 arrival date you may be pondering whether to buy one.

That's a question many are asking though: 'will PSVR2 worth it?' The answer to that, for me, will ultimately lie in the games that launch for the PlayStation 5's virtual reality kit. That's why I'm here to explore the full list of games that will arrive in tandem with PSVR2, and the list of titles promised after the product arrives on the shelves.

There's certainly no clear-cut verdict just yet on how successful PSVR2 will be, but it's had the T3 team asking many questions. So whether you're wondering whether to save for a PS5 Pro or buy the PSVR2 instead, or are curious about the ways in which PSVR2 will blow your mind, there's plenty to consider. Those thoughts aside, however, here's a list of all the PSVR2 games incoming...

PSVR2: List of games at launch

  • After the Fall
  • Among US VR
  • Cities VR
  • Cosmonious High
  • The Dark Pictures Switchback
  • Demeo
  • Hello Neighbor
  • Horizon Call of the Mountain
  • The Light Brigade
  • Moss 1 and 2
  • Pistol Whip
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Tentacular
  • Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy's Edge
  • Zenith The Last City

Anything in that list really jump out? I think that's one of my frustrations about the PSVR2's launch line-up: the majority of those games are already available for virtual reality setups but will simply be PSVR2 ports. 

For PSVR2 to be a real success is going to require Sony to really push its unique first-party studios' titles into this space, to give unique experiences that 1. you can't get anywhere else and, 2. will be superior games to the majority of other VR content. 

There is one PSVR2 exclusive title in that list, of course, which will arrive on launch day...

PSVR2 Exclusive: Horizon Call of the Mountain

I'm a Horizon super-fan, so the prospect of playing Guerrilla Games' heroine, Aloy, from a first-person perspective in VR is certainly alluring. The production house is aligning itself firmly with PS5, having already confirmed PS5-only DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West coming in mid-2023. 

I do have questions about Call of the Mountain, though, such as whether this Horizon game will translate well to a through-the-eyes point of view without seeming too frenetic, and whether the VR game's length will be ample to support its £60 asking price...

PSVR2: List of games after launch

  • Behemoth
  • Crossfire: Sierra Squad
  • Firewall Ultra
  • Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord
  • Jurassic World Aftermath
  • No Man's Sky
  • Resident Evil IV - special VR content
  • The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners (Chapter 2 Retribution)

Similar to above, a large number of those games are already available for other virtual reality systems. Nonetheless, there are some forthcoming titles in among that list which look pretty special...

PSVR2 Exclusive: Firewall Ultra

This is exactly what Sony needs to do to maintain momentum with PSVR2: announce exclusive titles that only PS5 owners with the VR kit are going to be able to play. 

Firewall Ultra, the follow-up to 2018's Firewall: Zero Hour, looks like a Metal Gear Solid-style stealther in first-person perspective, with lots of moody dark torchlit scenes setting its tone from the off. 

However, there's no release date yet confirmed, so exactly how long PSVR2 owners will have to wait is up for question...


If you love Shadow of the Colossus and always thought "I wonder what it'd be like to actually be there?" then Behemoth looks to me like it'll pretty much answer that question. Not an exclusive title, but the trailer is one of the most enticing VR lures I've seen in some time...

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord

Who doesn't love Ghostbusters? Exactly, nobody. And with the movie franchise seeing recent reboot success, now seems like the ideal time to launch a videogame – especially one in virtual reality. I can envisage throwing out the traps already...

Should I buy a PSVR2?

So should you buy a PSVR2? Well, if you already have a PlayStation 5 console, which is a requirement to run the VR headset, then the lofty asking price is the first hurdle to overcome. I'd buy the Horizon Call of the Mountain pre-order pack, as that'll net the only exclusive launch title for a cut of the otherwise high software price. 

Otherwise, as the list above exposes, there are going to be all that many 'must-play' launch day titles for the PSVR2. If you've dabbled in virtual reality elsewhere and enjoyed the experience, but have never owned the hardware, then I can see Sony's solution as being a viable option. But, I suspect, many will find it goes the same way as the original PSVR: you'll be initially excited, but after not long it'll just be gathering dust in the cupboard...

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