New GoPro video bundle is cool, but I only need this one accessory

GoPro Creator Bundle takes the HERO 10 and turns it into a cinematic powerhouse... but if you can't afford that, the Volta is the real star

People using the GoPro Creator Bundle
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Today, GoPro launched a new Creator bundle that's aimed at those wanting to capture truly cinematic footage with their action cam. It's essentially a bundle that includes the HERO 10 Black (the current flagship, the best GoPro you can buy right now, and for our money the best action camera from any brand), together with a range of accessories that boost sound, lighting and battery life, for totally unleashed creativity, man.

Bundled in are the Media Mod and Light mod, both of which launched with the HERO 8 but have since been upgraded for the H10 and H9, plus an exciting new addition: the GoPro Volta. (Update: we've tested this out now, so you might want to hop straight to our GoPro Volta review.) Info about this addition actually appeared yesterday, either by design or accident, but in short it looks like the most outright useful HERO accessory I've seen in a while. 

Our story explains more, but essentially it's a tripod that also packs a battery pack that can triple your HERO's shooting time, alongside control buttons that let you operate the important bits of your cam single handedly. For most people (me included) the Light mod and Media mod are overkill, but pretty much anyone can appreciate a secure grip with easy-to-reach buttons, not to mention that massively extended battery life.

GoPro Creator Bundle

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There's no doubt, if you can afford it and the type of shooting you're doing warrants such an investment, that the Creator bundle is an impressive package, though. You're getting the 5.3K video, up to 8x slo-mo, TimeWarp 3.0, 23MP stills and incredible HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilisation of the H10, and adding enhanced directional audio, up to 200 lumens of lighting, and a battery that'll let you record 5.3K video for over 4 hours.

There are various pricing options, all based on whether you're an existing GoPro subscriber, new subscriber or not a subscriber at all (head to our Is a GoPro subscription worth it? article for more on what's included here). I've done some number crunching to compare the pricing based on buying the items individually, and you should be aware that the discounts aren't exactly massive, no matter which buyer category you fall into, so if you don't need all three accessories, it'll almost certainly be cheaper to buy the various bits individually.

The GoPro Creator Bundle is available to buy now from GoPro, priced at US$581.96 / £558.46 for existing GoPro subscribers, or US$531.95 / £508.45 with a 1-year subscription for new subscribers, or US$784.95 / £759.95 without a subscription. You can also buy all the component parts separately. 

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