I streamed three top car movies – two are great, but avoid this one

Classic racing and tales of heartbreak abound – but one of these movies isn't worth your time

Ford V Ferrari
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This coming weekend is likely to herald a whole range of family friendly movie marathons. As the Easter holidays roll around, many households will be looking for entertainment for the whole family.

But should you find a quiet hour or two, there are some great movies kicking around on the best streaming services right now. That's especially true if you're a petrolhead.

There are three main biopics on the streaming service right now. That includes one of my favourite movies of last year – Ferrari. Last weekend, I watched all three of these movies – you know, for science.

Great news – two of these flicks are well worth your time. Read on to find out which one is, as well as where you can find it.

Ferrari – streaming on NOW and Sky TV

I've talked a lot about Ferrari. Having seen the movie late in 2023, I was impressed with the sublime telling of a truly tragic story. 

This movie offers a portrayal that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. A star-studded cast including Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz and Patrick Dempsey regale a tale of triumph and tragedy centred around the 1957 Mille Miglia.

This isn't a traditional petrolhead flick, either. Sure, there are moments where the frankly awesome sound of the Ferrari engine takes the starring role. But those moments are tastefully interspersed among some genuine drama and heart wrenching scenes.

A truly worthwhile watch.

You can stream Ferrari on either NOW or Sky Cinema.

Ford v Ferarri – streaming on Netflix

While you'll notice some familiar faces in this movie – most notably Enzo Ferrari –  Ford v Ferrari takes a look at the situation going on across the pond at Ford in the USA. This time, the action centres around the 1966 Le Mans race, following the development of the iconic Ford GT40.

Starring Christian Bale as lovable British driver Ken Miles and Matt Damon as the iconic Carroll Shelby, there are more than enough famous faces to spot here. This one is much more of a classic petrolhead film, too, with enough racing content and close-up shots of gear changes to satisfy anyone.

It's arguably the pick of the bunch, actually – be sure to stick around at least long enough for the scene where Shelby drives Henry Ford Jr around an airfield.

You can stream Ford v Ferrari on Netflix.

Lamborghini – streaming on NOW and Sky TV

If you've read this far, you can probably already guess my opinion on film number three. Lamborghini tells the tale of Ferrari's noisy neighbour, detailing the rise of the iconic brands' first vehicles.

Worth a watch? Well, only if you're desperate. See, while the story is good enough and there are some moments which skirt on the side of interesting or tearjerking, it never really gets going.

A story this iconic should feel like a cinematic epic, but instead we're left with some confusing time jumps and a narrative which just leaves the viewer feeling... left out.

Worth watching if you've exhausted just about everything else – otherwise the Wikipedia entry might be more appealing.

You can stream Lamborghini on NOW and Sky Cinema.

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