Nintendo Switch deal: get one FREE with Huawei P Smart on Virgin Media

Either a free Switch with a Huawei P Smart or a free P Smart with your Nintendo Switch, depending on how you look at it

Huawei P Smart Nintendo Switch deal
(Image credit: Virgin Media)

This is one of the best phone deals we've seen for a while. A free Nintendo Switch and a great Huawei smartphone. Huawei phones are usually top drawer and the Huawei P Smart is no exception. A classic 'budget flagship', it usually retails for around £200 SIM-free, and boasts a stunning 6.2-inch display, Android 9, a huge battery, great camera, and 64GB of internal storage. And you can get a free Nintendo Switch in this Virgin Mobile deal. Which considering that Nintendo Switch might soon face worldwide shortages, is very handy. So get in now, would be our advice. 

• Get Huawei P Smart 64GB with free Nintendo Switch on 24-month contract from £19.99

No, this is not fake news: sign up for a Virgin Mobile contract on the Huawei P Smart and you get a Nintendo Switch. The contract in question is generous in other ways. The plan we would go for nets you 8GB of data, the usual unlimited texts and calls, over 24 months with no upfront cost for around £30 per month. Considering you're getting a great smartphone AND a Nintendo Switch for that, it's not a bad deal, is it?

Huawei P Smart 64GB + Nintendo Switch

Huawei P Smart 64GB + Nintendo Switch | Data-free messaging on WhatsApp and others | 8GB data | 24-month plan | 14-day free returns | Available now on Virgin Mobile
If just having a phone wasn't enough and you also want to be able to kick back with the latest games, then look no further than this deal, which nets you both a fantastic smartphone and a Nintendo Switch. Virgin Mobile says the offer ends February 24, but we can see this selling out somewhat quicker than that.

Why you want a Nintendo Switch 

The Nintendo Switch has been around for a while now and still no one has a bad word to say about it. When we tried it out back in November 2019, we found it to be a wholly joyous device with a fantastic design, premium look and feel, attractive price, and a superb range of games. The latter is something that's actually improve since we tried it, too. 

You really can't go wrong with the Switch, especially when it comes free with a smartphone. Or a smartphone comes free with it.  

Why you should buy a Huawei P Smart

The Huawei P Smart embodies everything that's good about Huawei handsets of late: a huge screen, fast processor, curved unibody design, a whole load of storage, dual AI camera system, and huge battery for extended usage on the go. On top of that, you get Face Unlock and a reading mode that is easier on the eyes, making it perfect for your daily commute. 

This is an excellent budget handset and paired with the Switch it's a great deal, to boot. 

Max Slater-Robins

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