Best water gun 2019: the top Super Soakers and other water blasters to douse your friends

Water guns that'll make your friends scream "H2-NOOOOO!"

Best water guns

Super Soakers, eh? Water way to have a good time.

On the hot, hot days that are becoming the norm for summer, nothing beats taking a top water gun and drenching friend and foe alike over the course of an afternoon.

And there are so many great water guns and Super Soakers now – whatever size and type you can think of is available, and because we're fond of a good water fight ourselves here at T3, we've filtered through the lot of them to deliver you a selection of the absolute best.

We've got small, compact and highly portable shooters, heavy duty water blasters for precision long-range assaults, and even hose-connected H20 artillery pieces for when you need to take down an entire wave of enemies.

So, if you're currently in the market for a top water gun, then head this way and take a look at our premium selection of hardware.

Super Soaker Floodinator

1. Super Soaker Floodinator Water Gun

The best water gun for serious soakers

Reasons to buy
+Decent water tank size+Easy access filler cap
Reasons to avoid
-Pump-action is tough for younger kids

Sending a steady stream of H20 a satisfactory eight metres or so, this blaster should form the basis of your aqua unleashing arsenal. The pump action gets the flow in motion and with a decent two-litre capacity targets will get wetter than your post rinse cycle smalls. This Super Soaker is also the ideal and highly entertaining method of deterring un-wanted critters from your back garden. No, we’re not referring to BBQ guests.

Super Soaker Freezefire 2.0

2. Super Soaker Freezefire 2.0 Water Gun

The best water gun for sending a shiver down the spine

Reasons to buy
+Compact and concealable+Large filler cap
Reasons to avoid
-Only offers a half litre tank

After a casual “would you like ice with that” comment from the host of the annual Super Soaker creative team’s BBQ, one attendee still had his work hat on. Within weeks the Freezefire was created, an oversized filler cap in which to stick cubes of ice and the ability to send a shivery stream during water gun wars. It’s a tidy little Super Soaker, and one small enough to conceal into a surprise soaking session. It is the most likely to be turned into a receptacle containing sangria, mind.

Surge Mega Hydro cannon blaster

3. Surge Mega Hydro Cannon Water Gun

A serious piece of water gun artillery

Reasons to buy
+No need to reload+Adjustable tripod legs for the perfect height
Reasons to avoid
-Your ability to attack is limited

An imposing piece of plastic this one, with the Surge Mega Hydro measuring in at over four feet high with the telescopic legs fully extended. Hook one of these up to your hose and you’ve an unlimited supply of ammo – simply squeeze the trigger to soak everything. Whilst the 360-degree swivelling turret offers all round cover your slightly cumbersome H20 artillery leaves you open to a nimble attack for handheld water gun toting attackers. Ideal for recreating machine gun film scenes under the guise of watering your garden.

Super Soaker Bottle Blitz

4. Super Soaker Bottle Blitz Water Gun

A water gun that can be fuelled via screw-top bottles

Reasons to buy
+You can have multiple ammo units backed-up and ready+Compact and very portable
Reasons to avoid
-The supplied bottle reservoir is small

So you’ve no intention of joining the eco-warriors but of course want to do your bit. Here’s a place to get started polishing up your green credentials - a water blaster that uses all manner of screw top plastic bottles to reload. It is supplied with one with a measly 400ml capacity but it is time to think big. Go find your selves some of those two-litre whopper bottles, or, buy one full of glorious fizzy pop and after emptying it the conventional way you’ve a decent sized tank to get the soaking started. This blaster could add an interesting layer to the age-old Mentos/Cola trick.

Super Soaker Soakzooka

5. Super Soaker Soakzooka Water Gun

Hold it to the hip this blaster is for swagger

Reasons to buy
+Robust, solid design+Good water capacity
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most accurate

Taking Super Soaker design off in a new design direction is this interesting looking piece of kit. And, by interesting we’re alluding to things worthy of a double take from others, like quirky headwear or a pair of bright shoes – yes, we just stuck a blaster into a fashion parade. As well as offering a good stream of water output produced from the handle on top it commands a certain amount of swank. We’ve tried walking normally with this in hand but no, it just gives you the urge to walk with a ten-degree tilt.

Hydra Bolt

6. Hydra Bolt Water Gun

Solid choice for Walking Dead role-play with H20

Reasons to buy
+Offers something a little different+Can be flipped between single and triple streams
Reasons to avoid
-Filler cap could be better placed

Unleash you inner Daryl from Walking Dead or go old school and go William Tell with your crossbow style water gun. An impressive blaster sending a streak of water up to 30 feet, open up the arms on either side to realise the potential of its triple strike streams. Switching to three jets does lower the reach of your firepower and we’d not be using this as our primary soaker in any semi-serious (defined as drenching the opposition) but ideal to take the monotony away from plant watering activity.

Large Water Gun Blaster

7. Quickdraw Water Gun Blaster

Large capacity and range

Reasons to buy
+Shoots water over 20 feet+Large, screw on water tank
Reasons to avoid
-It's not for small children

This exotic-looking blaster from Quickdraw sports a large capacity tank that can be quickly screwed off and on for fast refills. It also shoots over 20 feet in range, making it a powerful long-range option. It's large and quite heavy when filled so it shouldn't be recommended for very small children, however, with a solid durable build and smooth pump-action firing mechanism, it allows any one who can wield it to deliver serious drenchings on demand.

Nerf Super Soaker DartFire

8. Nerf Super Soaker DartFire

Fires water... and darts, too!

Reasons to buy
+Can fire 5 Nerf darts+11.5-metre range
Reasons to avoid
-1.1 litre capacity

If soaking your opponent isn't enough for you, then you should consider the Super Soaker DartFire, which not only can fire jets of water at your foes but also Nerf darts, too. You don't get a lot of darts to fire, just 5 in fact, however you can switch modes on the fly and once your opponent is thoroughly wet through you can finish them off with a foamy coup de grâce.

Best water gun 2018 accessories

Best water gun

Bunch o Balloons

Take down the heat and overwhelm the enemy

Reasons to buy
+Fills up over 100 balloons in a minute+Head-slappingly simple to use
Reasons to avoid
-Your opponents will certainly stock up on them next time

If you’ve attempted filling regular balloons with water in the past then you’re already halfway to hitting the buy button. Whilst the satisfaction of hearing the drop of a normal latex water filled sphere is satisfying enough, the process of loading it is tedious. Step up Bunch o Balloons, three bunches in each pack, complete with attachment for hose attaching. Just turn on the tap and watch them fill up, get all 105 done in under a minute. This replenishing speed means you can now rely on them as part of your strategic water warfare arsenal. Time to darken the skies and rain down on your recipients with your H20-infused spheres of watery doom.

Splash Out

Splash Out

Pass the perilous parcel

Reasons to buy
+Safer than Russian roulette+Childish fun
Reasons to avoid
-Getting it back from the kids could be tricky

An update on a classic plaything that has been around a couple of decades, this latest version of Splash Out is the most reliable and compact version yet. In one sub-tenner box you’ve action, suspense and a modicum of hilarity – now that’s value! Stick a water balloon inside, wind the timer and begin the passing around. And so, as the timer counts down the passing will likely speed up, the player holding Splash Out when the ticking has tocked gets a good old soaking. Not a massive soaking, true, but combined with the surprise it feels more tidal like than you would think.