The best saw tables: for on site, or the workshop

Don't be a saw loser. Get the best saw table for working through wood

The best saw table

A saw table is a hefty investment, and a risky one if you like the fact that you still have four fingers and a thumb in tact, but, with a bit of know how and some decent safety features, a saw table should be money well spent, especially if you’re looking to start your own furniture business, or fancy yourself a bit of a handyperson.

Buying guide: the best saw tables

Types of saw table

The most important thing to know when purchasing a saw table (especially if this is your first purchase) is that there is more than one type. Portable, stationary and tabletop saw tables are completely different in their usability, so you’ll need to make sure you take notes of the size, weight and design of the saw table to ensure it’s suited for purpose. To give you an example, our first pick, the DeWalt DWE7491 is a table top saw table. As a standalone structure, it’s light and compact, making it the ideal buy for transporting from site to site. Our second pick, the Scheppach Precisa TS82, is a heavy duty saw table, and it best bought as a fixed element for a workshop.

Additional elements to consider

The second and third most important things to consider are its fence and miter gauge. Most saw tables will possess a T- square fence, which is essential for even the most basic of woodwork, while the miter gauge allows you to position the blade at certain angles to achieve the right cut.  

You should also consider the amount of power a saw table motor is capable of. If you’re looking to use your saw table on a regular basis for large projects, one that delivers a high amount of power would be the best choice. Our list features a range of saw tables differing from 2000W at the top to just 1100W. If you’re looking to use your saw table for some light woodwork, a 1100W motor would probably suffice. 

A saw table will always include a blade, and due to the configuration of the blade mechanism, a saw table is usually only compatible with one size. Most saw guides will tell you that it’s not necessarily the size of the blade that matters when buying a saw table, but the type, the amount of teeth and the material of the blade. You’ll need a set of different blades if you’re looking to mix up wood, metal, tile and plastic work. 

Safety first 

Lastly, consider the safety features of your saw table. They should all come with a blade guard as standard, but elements such as splitters, riving knives and anti kickback pawls are all essential to avoid a potentially dangerous kickback and a loss of a finger or two. 

With the basics in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best saw tables from across the web. Amazon, surprisingly, is a good place to get branded tools from the likes of DeWalt, Bosch et al for good prices… 

The best saw table

1. DeWalt DWE7491

A lightweight, powerful saw table, perfect for taking on site

Best for: Portability
Input power: 2000W
Blade: 250mm
Dimensions: H57.7xW74.2xD42.5
Reasons to buy
+Powerful motor+410mm rip capacity
Reasons to avoid
-Requires a table top 

If you’re looking for a professional level saw table, this one could be the ideal option. It’s lightweight, coming in at just 26.6kg, ideal for transporting from site to site, and its powerful (2000W is the highest on our list) so you shouldn’t have any problem cutting through hard, wet or frozen woods. In addition to that, it features a comprehensive fencing system so you can achieve the cuts you need and 410mm of rip capacity for cutting large sheet materials.  

Scheppach Precisa TS82

2. Scheppach Precisa TS82

A solid, cast iron saw table, ideal for hobbyists or the occasional project

Best for: Woodworkers
Input power: 1100W
Blade: 250mm
Dimensions: H116xW143xD100
Reasons to buy
+Adjustable blade height+Features a ripping fence and mitre gauge
Reasons to avoid
-Not for professionals 

While it lacks the power of our first pick, if you’re a hobbyist woodworker or like to engage in the occasional spot of DIY, this saw table is more than good enough. With a ripping fence and mitre gauge for achieving your required cut and width extension and sliding table carriage for working with different sized materials, it may be cheaper than our first pick, but it still offers plenty of scope when it comes to usability.  

Bosch Professional GTS10J

3. Bosch Professional GTS10J

Cheaper than DeWalt, and slightly less powerful, but still a decent competitor

Best for: Precision
Input power: 1800W
Blade: 254mm
Dimensions: H40xW64.5xD81
Reasons to buy
+Very portable+Extendable table for sheet goods
Reasons to avoid
-Not as powerful as the DeWalt 

With an RRP half the price of the DeWalt, you can see why people are turning to the Bosch as an alternative. When the compromise is slightly less power and perhaps a slight lack in the finesse of the design, reports are that this is great buy for people who can’t quite justify the DeWalt price tag. Weighing in at just 26kg, it’s a tad lighter than our first pick, and with plenty of handles, is good for carrying around a work site. 

Makita MLT100

4. Makita MLT100

For a large cutting capacity, try the Makita MLT100

Best for: Large cutting capacity
Input power: 1500W
Blade: 260mm
Dimensions: H37.5xW110xD77
Reasons to buy
+High no load speed of 4500rpm+Electronic brake
Reasons to avoid
- Lacks material quality of other table saws

While its cutting capacity shouldn’t be the only reason why you buy a table saw, the Makita MLT100 has the largest potential in our list. Aside from that, it should be a decent saw for some dabbling at home, thanks to the high no load speed and decent power. If you’re looking to use it in a professional environment, there’s reports that the finesse on the finer details, such as the fence and mitre slide aren’t up to the standards of a DeWalt, and it’s apparently pretty noisy, too.  

Evolution FURY5-S

5. Evolution FURY5-S

A decent budget buy for the workshop

Best for: Light home use
Input power: 1500W
Blade: 255mm
Dimensions: H81xW94xD62
Reasons to buy
+Ideal for sheets, boards and trimming+Multi-purpose blade
Reasons to avoid
-Vacuum hose for removing sawdust from blade area not included 

When you’re playing less than £300 for a saw table you can’t expect it to have the finesse of more expensive makes and models. While this saw table isn’t going to be up to the standards required by professionals, it’s still plenty good enough to cut sheets, boards and trim materials. Featuring a multi-purpose blade, the saw table is ready to go from the off-set, and according to Evolution, is even capable of cutting through mild steel.  

Einhell TC-TS 2025

6. Einhell TC-TS 2025

A good budget buy if you’re looking to dabble every now and then

Input power: 1800W
Blade: 250mm
Dimensions: H71xW56.5xD32.5
Reasons to buy
+Very powerful+Quick clamp rip fence
Reasons to avoid
- Plastic base

If you can excuse the plastic base and the fact that you have to construct it yourself before you use it, for the price, the average DIYer can’t go wrong. While it probably isn’t up for heavy duty jobs, its power, high cutting speed, accurate measurements and width extension make it the ideal buy for low level cutting. While it isn’t tabletop, this saw table is lightweight, making it easy to transport from your workshop if required.