Amazon Echo Spot vs Amazon Echo Show

Can't decide between the Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Show? You're in the right place

Amazon Prime Day
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Looking to snag a Smart Display on the cheap this Amazon Prime Day? Good news: The retailer is expected to slash the price of both the Amazon Echo Spot and Amazon Echo Show. To help you find the device that is perfect for you, let’s take a look at them in a little more detail, so you know exactly what each smart product delivers.

Amazon Echo Spot vs Amazon Echo Show: The Similarities

The Amazon Echo Spot and Amazon Echo Show deliver near-enough the same experience, coming equipped with Amazon’s feature-rich Alexa voice assistant – it can respond to questions, set alarms, stream audio, and control smart devices.

Here’s where it gets interesting: The duo have a screen built-in (measuring in at 10-inches on the Echo Show and 2.5-inches on the Echo Spot), which can be used to play content through Amazon Prime Video and place video calls over Skype.

Amazon Prime Day Echo Spot

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Amazon Echo Spot vs Amazon Echo Show: The Differences

The biggest difference between the Amazon Echo Spot and Amazon Echo Show comes in the form of their size and thus the amount of space they have to showcase content. Again, that’s 2.5-inches on the former and 10-inches on the latter.

As such, the two look rather different– the Echo Spot takes shape as a traditional alarm clock, intended for use on a bedside table; while the Echo Show has a tablet-esque look and feel, so as to slot into a modern kitchen or living room.

Due to its increased size, the Echo Show also has a better set of speakers on board. To be more precise, it has dual 2.0-inch stereo drivers, versus the single 1.4-inch one found on the smaller, but just as functional, Echo Spot.

Amazon Prime Day Echo Show

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Amazon Echo Spot vs Amazon Echo Show: Which Do I Need?

It all comes down to space. If you have enough room for an ever-so-bigger-than 10-inch device on your bedside table, kitchen counter or coffee table, we’d recommend going with the Amazon Echo Show for the most immersive experience.

But if space is scarce, the Amazon Echo Spot, with its 2.5-inch screen, is a wonderful alternative – delivering the exact same user experience, from a functional standpoint, as the Amazon Echo Show, but in a smaller, rounded bundle.

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