Check out Prynt: the instant Polaroid-printing phone case

Snap n’ print selfies in just 30 seconds

Forget wires and ink cartridges; one French startup has made printing your everyday snaps easier than ever.

Introducing Prynt, a smartphone case that prints polaroids instantly, only with a unique twist.

Created by a French startup of the same name, Prynt turns digital images into Polaroids at the touch of a button, without the need for internet or Bluetooth connection.

But that's not all; talking to TechCrunch, the folks behind the tech explained that the final product will have an augmented reality feature built into an app that will play videos off the photos.

In lament's terms it works like this. You choose a photo off the camera roll or social media, wait 30 seconds for it to print, and then you point your phone's camera (with the Prynt app still open) at the photo which reveals a hidden video clip.

You can then swap the Prynt-printed photos with friends, who can also use the app to discover any hidden video messages - not bad, ay.

At the moment the existing prototype only supports 4-inch screens such as those seen on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, but larger models will be released later.

Eventually the final consumer version will be able to hold 10-30 sheets of paper and ought to take about 30 seconds to print a single Polaroid. It will be able to print around 30 photos before the battery needs charging.

Prynt couldnt be coming at a better time, as Polaroid Cameras are on the rise again, especially among celebrities and those of Instagram fame.

It's due to land on Kickstarter early next year retailing at £63 ($99) and will work with both Android and iOS smartphones.