This iPhone charger offers something even Apple can't

The perfect travel companion

Twelve South Butterfly
(Image credit: Twelve South)

However you spin it, charging isn't the most exciting topic in the world, but it is essential. Those always on the go will no doubt be sick of making room for often bulky chargers in their suitcases. But luckily there's now a compact all-in-one solution for Apple fans. 

Twelve South has just released the Butterfly, the world's smallest 2-in-1 USB-C MagSafe charger. Retailing at £129.99 the Butterfly features a 30w Power Adapter with four adapters for different regions (US, UK, EU and AUS), making it almost as essential as your passport.

Contained in an aluminium case (that I think resembles a classy yo-yo) barely bigger than Apple AirPods, the Butterfly is a choice option for those with both an iPhone and Apple Watch with MagSafe certification leaving them uninhibited with Apple devices. If you have compatible AirPods you can of course charge them on the Butterfly too.

The Butterfly also functions as a display stand that supports standby mode on the phone and nightstand mode on the watch, making for the perfect bedside setup, If you're just charging your iPhone you can also turn it into a kickstand, similarly you can also fold it over to create a pedestal for the watch. 

If you are more of a homebody, there are plenty of good Apple chargers to choose from, but for keen travellers, the Butterfly looks like the new must-have. Twelve South has also just launched its UK website, providing a host of accessory options for your devices. 

Andy Sansom
Staff Writer

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