iPhone users getting a great free Chrome upgrade that will save a lot of time

The new updates should make deleting browsing data on your iPhone even easier

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Quick Summary

iPhone users are set to get a nifty free upgrade to their browser.

The Google Chrome app is set to get a new feature, which would save users time when browsing.

It's hard to argue with the sheer popularity of the iPhone. While the market for alternatives continues to grow and expand, Apple remain a go-to option for a wide array of users.

Part of that allegiance comes from a continuous stream of updates and upgrades for the devices. That's exactly what we have here today, with an update for those using Google Chrome on their handsets.

According to the folks over at Mac Observer, there's a new feature destined for the app on iPhone devices. They spotted a flag named "Quick Delete for iOS" in a piece of code, suggesting that could be arriving shortly.

For the unaware, Quick Delete is a feature which already exists for users of Android phones. That enables users to delete all of the browsing data from their last 15 minutes of use.

That's a nifty feature. Say, for example, you were shopping for a gift for a loved one. By being able to delete all of that data with a single tap, you can minimise the chances of letting the cat out of the bag.

There is currently no indication of when the feature will be rolled out to users. However, given that it has appeared already, we can certainly see it coming soon. 

When it does, expect a staggered release. These kinds of updates tend to come slowly, with brands opting to dip a toe in the water, rather than revealing everything in one go. That's a good thing, though, as it allows brands to ensure the update is stable, before it hits a wider user base.

Still, when it does arrive, it will certainly be a welcome addition. The ability to quickly get rid of that data is handy, saving users time. When it does finally hit the devices of Apple fans, we'll be ready and waiting. 

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