Google Chrome gets a free update that could kill clone and phishing sites forever

Typos be gone

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Even writers as esteemed as the T3 team make typos sometimes. It's an easy mistake to make that could actually make you vulnerable to scams and phishing sites. Luckily, T3 is very easy to spell, and Google has upgraded Chrome and tackled the problem. 

Ne'er do wells often name their sites something very similar to established sites, hoping to draw those who misspell URLs. When visitors then enter private information like account details or heaven forbid, banking information, it's not going to end well (I remember as a teenager falling for one such phishing scam and losing my entire FIFA Ultimate Team, much to my distress). But how has Google solved the problem? 

The Chrome search bar on both the browser and mobile versions will now correct typos to what it believes are the right results and take you straight to that amended search result instead. Even if you're not some kind of robot who enters complete URLs all of the time, using your search history as a pointer, Chrome will approximate what certain words that you search mean. For example, if you search the word 'Maps' it may take you to Google Maps rather than just search for the word on its own. Chrome can also now search through your bookmarks in the address bar, just include the folder name when searching. 

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All of these changes are designed to help you navigate the web in fewer clicks and take less risks when browsing. A win-win for users. Interestingly, the biggest sufferers from this change might be Google itself, less searches means less traffic for ads and other services. 

Although this is another example of AI in our internet use, it definitely feels like a less intrusive and more practical one than all of the recent Chat-GPT integrations into Bing. Just make sure your browser is up to date to start using it and then you can type away without a dictionary to hand. 

Andy Sansom
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