Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra tipped for further camera upgrades this summer

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hands-on images
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According to one renowned tipster, the Samsung Galaxy 24 could be recieving another camera upgrade even after the anticipated one this month. 

Just after one upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S24 camera is set to arrive, so the next one appears on the horizon. 

The imminent update for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is set to make one of the best Android phones even better with a host of camera tweaks. These include improved low-light performance, improved colours on the ExpertRAW app as well as better clarity on text when zooming in and newfound support for the 480 x 480 resolution when using Instant Slow-Mo. Phew.

Well according to leading tipster Ice Universe, the camera will be receiving further love later this year. When exactly? Well, they are hoping for April but considering Aprilis when we will see the first update, this second one may not arrive until "maybe May, maybe June."

So what will the update bring? Well according to Ice, Samsung will "improve many camera problems... including telephoto image quality, inaccurate white balance and abnormal red color." That doesn't sound quite as major as the first update, although 'telephoto image quality' is quite vague. 

If there are still issues with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's camera then Samsung had better hurry and fix them. June would be six months into the phone's year-long life cycle as the company's flagship. It's already one of the best shooters we've ever seen, but if there's more still to come we'll definitely take it! 

Don't have an S24? Well there might be a more affordable model on the way. The Samsung Galaxy S24 FE (Fan Edition) could be arriving this summer as well. Interestingly, despite the lower price, there's talk it could feature the same processor as the regular S24 range. That would surely set it up to be one of the best cheap phones.  

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