Samsung Galaxy S24 users just got a whopping free camera upgrade

The latest software update brings a host of camera capability to the popular Android phone range

Samsung Galaxy S24 review
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Samsung have just unveiled their latest software update.

That brings good news for photographers, with a host of updates to the Galaxy S24 camera system.

When you think of the best Android phones on the market, chances are a handful of models come to mind. That's despite the best efforts of a wealth of other brands, who have tried desperately to spoil the party.

In fact, if you had to pick just one, I'd wager that you're thinking of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. That's the latest flagship Samsung phone, and has proven pretty popular among enthusiasts.

Still, that doesn't mean it's perfect. While the camera performance on the device is not bad, there is certainly still room for improvement – and that's exactly what users are receiving right now.

Kicking off over in Korea, the April feature update is going live on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series devices right now. That includes a host of cool features including the first appearance of the April Android security patch for the brands' devices.

But that's not even the coolest bit. No, that honour is bestowed upon the camera, which gets a really decent upgrade. We've heard rumours floating around about a significant upgrade coming this month, and now we can finally see that come to fruition.

There are four main changes in this patch. Firstly, that is improved low-light performance. This one really does what it says on the tin, with improved performance in low-light scenarios allowing for better night and indoor photography.

Users will also see improved colours in the ExpertRAW app. There is no further indication of what has changed there, though we'd expect that in this instance "better" means more true to life.

There is also better clarity for text when zoomed in using the photo mode, and support for a 480 x 480 resolution when using the Instant Slow Mo. All in all, that's a significant upgrade for users. There's a lot to like there – particularly the low-light performance, which could offer real world improvements for many phone photographers.

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