Eight Sleep discount codes and deals for Black Friday and November 2020: Get $500 off with this MASSIVE offer!

Big Eight Sleep discounts are ultra-rare, and this one's about to run out

Eight Sleep Holiday Sale
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Welcome to T3's guide to the best Eight Sleep discount codes and deals. Eight Sleep's Pod range is a lot more expensive than most mattresses on the market, but if you want a super-advanced mattress that you can customise to suit your sleep needs then it may well be the best mattress for you. 

Decent Eight Sleep discounts are rare, but the brand has really come through for the 2020 winter sales, with one of the best cheap mattress deals anywhere (well, cheap for Eight Sleep, anyway). Right now there's $500 off the full range of ultra-hi-tech Pod mattresses, not to mention 20% off sleep accessories. Hurry though, we expect this offer to end today. 

The hi-tech Pod is one of the most technologically advanced mattresses around. Its design includes – among other things – a unique cooling system that can be adjusted to between 55 and 110°F, and it'll let you choose different settings for each side of the bed. It even has its own app for managing your mattress's settings as well acting as your digital sleep coach.

Eight Sleep Pod (Full) | Was $2,295 | Now $1,795 | Save $500
Discount on all sizes!
At the cheapest end of the Eight Sleep range is the Pod, but that doesn't mean it's not still crammed with tech. This 11" mattress offers dual-zone cooling and heating and advanced sleep tracking (for each sleeper) via a free app.View Deal

Eight Sleep Pod Pro (Full) | Was $2,795 | Now $2,295 | Save $500
Discount on all sizes!
The mid-range 12" Pod Pro adds a contouring foam topper, intelligent ambient sensors, and GentleRise tech that uses gentle vibration and gradual heating a cooling to rouse you in the mornings. There are also extra health features in your companion app.View Deal

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Max (Full) | Was $3,295 | Now $2,795 | Save $500
Discount on all sizes!
At the very top end of the scale is the Pod Pro Max. This 12" mattress does everything the Pod Pro does, but adds an innovative MaxChill Layer infused with silver, copper, and graphite for maximum heat dissipation.View Deal

Eight Sleep Black Friday Sale | $500 off the full Pod range, plus 20% off sleep accessories
Eight sleep is knocking a huge $500 off the price of any mattress in the Pod range. Pod mattresses are crammed with technology, giving you automated cooling and heating, dual-zone temperature control, sleep tracking and more.View Deal

If you're in the market for a new mattress, and are looking for a bargain, now's a good time to shop. You'll find our predictions for the Eight Sleep Black Friday sale further down the article, and be sure to bookmark our Black Friday deals page for more savings. 

Which Eight Sleep mattress should you buy?

Eight Sleep offers a single mattress in three variations: the cheaper yet still high-tech Pod, the futuristic Pod Pro, and the brand new Pod Pro Max. Pick the Pod and you’ll get four layers of foam and dual-zone cooling and heating. Go for the Pod Pro and you’ll get five layers of foam and dual-zone cooling and heating alongside GentleRise tech, weather response, a daily health check and plenty more. Finally, the Pod Pro Max has all that, but adds a "MaxChill" layer infused with silver, graphite and copper, and designed to effectively disperse heat as well as being antimicrobial. 

All three are fantastic mattresses with a crazy amount of tech stuffed in – learn more about that below – but if either turns out not to be for you, you’re covered by a 100-night free trial and a 10-year warranty on the structure of the bed. All you’ve got to do now is pick which is best for you, and below we’ll help by exploring each mattress in detail and rounding up all the best deals available. 

Eight Sleep Black Friday  mattress deals 2020: Our predictions

There's not a huge amount of info out there on Eight Sleep's Black Friday plans this year, but we can say with certainty that there'll be some discounts available. In general, Eight Sleep isn't as generous with its deals as many other mattress brands – often, it'll knock just $100 or $150 off, which is not a huge discount on a price tag this large. On previous Black Friday events, Eight Sleep has offered $100 off plus a $100 Amazon gift card. We've got high hopes for the 2020 event though, especially seeing as Eight Sleep has already bettered these deals by knocking $250 off in the run-up to Black Friday.

The trend seems to be for mattress brands to save their biggest deals for the winter shopping events, often improving on the discounts we see throughout the rest of the year. We're also typically seeing bigger discounts with every subsequent Black Friday, and with Eight Sleep gaining traction in the marketplace, we are hopeful we'll see better savings in the 2020 event.

The best Eight Sleep mattress deals

Eight Sleep Pod

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Eight Sleep Pod deals

Good value smart mattress with cooling tech

Sizes: 4, Full to Cal King
Depth: 11 inches
Turn: No
Filling: Foam
Comfort: medium
Trial: 100 days
Guarantee: 10 years (foam), 2 years (tech components)
RRP: $2,295 – $2,995
Reasons to buy
+Cooling and heating tech+Supportive four-layer foam construction+Advanced sleep tracking with app
Reasons to avoid
-Only one firmness option-Not suitable for adjustable bases

As the entry-level offering from Eight Sleep, you might not expect the Pod to offer much in the way of extras. However, this is a fully-fledged smart mattress which has independently adjustable dual-zone heating and cooling technology plus an app that tracks your sleep – and that’s not to mention the four-layer memory foam construction.

Let’s break down that cooling and heating tech: The Pod comes paired with a ‘hub’ which is full of water and can heat or cool your bed from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This is all controlled through a free app, and solves the overheating problem that puts so many customers off memory foam beds. This also makes the Pod a fantastic option for couples, as both individuals can set their side as hot or cold as they like. 

The Pod’s sleep tracking feature helps you monitor your sleep, with metrics including sleep stages, sleep time, toss and turns, and heart rate. This means you can perfectly dial in your mattress for ultimate comfort. Sleep is a science – the Pod gives you the tools to understand it.

The four layers of foam that sandwich this are all CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they’re of the highest quality – but that’s to be expected. You’ll get two inches of Airflow foam to keep the mattress breathable, an inch of supportive air foam and a four-inch FlexSpring core, all of which are sat on Eight Sleep’s durable four-inch base. As far as smart mattresses go, the Pod offers everything you need for a great price.

Eight Sleep deals: Eight Sleep Pod Pro

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

Eightsleep Pod Pro deals

Tech-packed mattress that’s smarter than you

Sizes: 4, Full to Cal King
Depth: 12 inches
Turn: No
Filling: Foam
Comfort: medium
Trial: 100 days
Guarantee: 10 years (foam), 2 years (tech components)
RRP: $2,795– $3,495
Reasons to buy
+Some serious gear packed inside+Perfect for couples+Svelte design
Reasons to avoid
-Do you need the tech?

If the Pod isn’t enough for you, the Pod Pro adds a huge amount of extra functionality for a surprisingly small hike in price. It has five layers of foam – the four previously mentioned plus an extra layer within the cooling/heating element – and everything else from the Pod as well. 

Not satisfied with that, Eight Sleep has packed in Smart Temp tech, which adjusts itself to meet your needs – the bed monitors you, room temperature, humidity and even local weather, all so you can have a good night’s rest.

The Pod Pro also comes with a daily health check and HRV monitoring, which means that through the app you’ll receive reports with analyses of your respiratory rate, resting heart rate and your heart rate variability. It’s almost like you’ve got a doctor watching you sleep (in the least creepy way possible).

Finally, the Pro also includes ‘GentleRise Wake Up’ tech. This is essentially an alarm clock you won’t want to hurl at the wall every morning. Soft, silent vibrations stimulate the chest area alongside gradual heating or cooling so you can wake up to the day without shock or discomfort. Why’s no one thought of this before?

The only downside is the fact that we’re not sure how many people truly need all these extras, but for only a little more than the base model, it’s certainly worth considering.

The deals you missed...

To help give you a better picture of the kind of deals you can expect from Eight Sleep, and how regularly they crop up, here's a rundown of the deals you've missed.

EXPIRED Eight Sleep mattress deal | $100 off the full Pod range (plus 20% off sleep accessories)
October 2020
Right now, you can get $100 off any mattress in the Pod range, including the all-new, uber-fancy Eight Sleep Pod Pro Max. All of this brand's mattresses are packed with tech to bring you automated cooling and heating, dual-zone temperature control, sleep tracking and more. There's also 20% off accessories right now. View Deal

EXPIRED Eightsleep mattress deal | $150 off the Eight Sleep Pod and Pod Pro (and 20% off sleep accessories)
The Eight Sleep pod and Pod Pro offer automated cooling and heating, dual-zone temperature control, sleep tracking and more, for the most refreshing, personalised night's sleep you've ever had. Use the Eight Sleep discount code AFF150 to knock $150 off, as well as unlocking savings on sleep accessories with your purchase.View Deal

EXPIRED Eightsleep mattress deal | $100 off the Eight Sleep Pod and Pod Pro (and 20% of accessories)
Cool Sleep sale! The Eight Sleep pod and Pod Pro are some of the most hi-tech mattresses around, offering automated cooling and heating, dual-zone temperature control, sleep tracking and more, for the ultimate in refreshing nights' sleep. Both models have $100 off right now, and you can also save on accessories.View Deal

EXPIRED Eightsleep mattress deal | FREE Gravity Blanket with every mattress
July 2020 With just two ultra-configurable mattresses on offer, it won’t be too difficult to pick the one for you. Buy now and Eight Sleep will throw in a Gravity Blanket, worth $300, completely FREE. Weighted blankets have hit the mainstream for their magical ability to help your feel super relaxed, and help combat insomnia.