Best Fleshlights 2021: We round up the top options, including the best Tenga toy for men

Here come the best Fleshlight toys, the best Tenga toys, and a whole lot more besides

Best fleshlight 2021
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Here it is: T3's epic guide to the best Fleshlights, the best Tenga toys, and the best male masturbation aids you can possibly get. Unless you've stumbled onto this article after mistyping your search for a high-lumen torch, you'll likely already have a decent idea of what we're looking at here: they're toys designed to be used on a penis. If you're interested in toys meant to be used elsewhere, we've got a huge guide to the best sex toys too.

Sometimes they're anatomical, with a realistic outer appearance; this might even be a facsimile of your favourite porn star's parts, male or female. Sometimes (and progressively moreso, as time goes on) they're just completely out-there designs, offering something you're very unlikely to find in another person.

Often they'll have a hard outer making them resemble, yes, a flashlight, but again, that isn't a requirement – an outer shell does aid with creating suction, and you can often adjust the amount as you go, but there are other experiences to be had if you go for something without.

You might even employ a Fleshlight (or competing toy – we may use the term interchangeably, but you know what we mean here) to aid in improving staying power. It doesn't have to be one that's specifically designed for that purpose, although there are toys that market themselves that way.

With the majority of the big names in sex toys making their own unique versions (and unique is definitely the key word in Tenga's case) toys are getting better all the time. There's no better time to get involved. But let's consider a few of your options first...

 Choosing the best Fleshlight for you

This seems like a no-brainer, but when choosing from among the best Fleshlight masturbation aids, you need to think about what type of sex you're looking to simulate and how you want it to feel. There are Fleshlights designed for vaginal and anal sex, and some that provide an oral sex sensation. Some do something different altogether, but whatever opening is involved, look at the texture of the inner sleeve and the length to ensure you get something that suits you.

Cleaning is an obvious concern with this type of sex toy, but it's easy to do with most Fleshlights – just remove the sleeve from the outer shell, rinse it through with warm water, then let it dry. That's it. 

Specialist cleaning products like Fleshlight's own Fleshwash Sex Toy Cleaner available to buy from Amazon are good for a thorough wash – never use soap, as it can affect the sleeve material. Fleshlight's Renewing Powder is another product to consider, as it reduces the tacky feeling of the Superskin material after washing. You can buy this powder from Amazon. A little lubricant makes these toys even better, but only use water-based lubes here. Anything else can damage the sleeve. 

When it comes to using your Fleshlight, it's worth warming the insert before using it. This makes it feel more natural and flesh-like, and while you can get specialist tools for warming your toy, letting it rest for a while in warm water is usually enough.

 The best Fleshlights to buy now 

Best Fleshlight: Fleshlight Flight Pilot

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1. Fleshlight Flight: Pilot

The best Fleshlight overall

Reasons to buy
+ Super-soft inner + Stealth packaging + Universal opening + Adjustable suction 

Our top pick for the best Fleshlight is a top-seller and for good reason. The company has taken its original model and refined every aspect, starting from the super-discrete outer and working all the way through. The feel of the inner is softer than before, with a uniquely textured canal that promises oodles of pleasure. Clear material and a non-anatomical opening means this is more the stuff of your fantasies than a replication of anything real – it's suitable for any man, whatever their tastes. And there's plenty of room for experimentation, with a twist base to alter the level of suction as you play.

Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Ice

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2. Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Ice

The best Fleshlight for blow job fun

Reasons to buy
+Great for twisting sensations+Easy to keep fresh+Soft, varied inner canal+No suction

Though it looks something like a futuristic knuckleduster, this five-knuckle shuffler is far kinder to the flesh. The idea is probably rather obvious: you slide your fingers into the holes in its grip, apply a generous amount of lube, and go to town. The great benefit over more traditional Fleshlight products is that there's no outer case, so while there's no suction on offer it's squeezable for a change in pressure as you go - and those finger holes, sitting comfortably at your knuckles, invite easy twisting and turning motions too.

It's relatively short and open ended, so when used by (or on) a partner there's room for a little oral play at the exit, and the textures inside, a mix of ribs and nodules with typical Fleshlight intensity, give plenty of options for variety as you go. There's a custom case to keep it safe if you're travelling, and also in which to store it while it dries - as ever, a little time under the tap is all it really takes, and the open end means nothing nasty should get trapped.

Tenga 3D Module

(Image credit: Tenga)

3. Tenga 3D Module

The best Tenga toy for strong sensations

Reasons to buy
+Highly unusual+Stealth appearance+Antibacterial+Great for heavier stimulation

Tenga's 3D range is, like many Tenga toys (including the Geo below) about making the most of the fact that you're using a toy. Everything in the range is built of textures not found in nature, as it were, and while the incredibly geometric Module might be slightly more angular than, say, the twisty Spiral or Zen entries in the line, those who are looking for a little more stimulation will absolutely enjoy this. 

It offers up a combination of protruding ridges and inverted caverns, the latter of which act as interesting suction points, and Tenga's antibacterial elastomer material is soft enough that you won't feel too tender afterwards. Do use generous amounts of lube, though.

When inverted and placed in the stand to dry, it's almost artistic - not something you can necessarily say for every masturbation aid out there - and those not in the know will have no idea of its true purpose. That could be useful, depending on your situation, but do come up with a plausible explanation just in case.

Lovehoney Head Master Vibrating Blow Job Stroker

(Image credit: Lovehoney)

4. Lovehoney Head Master Vibrating Blow Job Stroker

The best masturbation aid for vibration sensations on a budget

Reasons to buy
+Very affordable+Vibrator is optional+Easy to clean+Perfect for foreplay

If you don't like suction - and many do find it uncomfortable, particularly when things get more intense - an open-ended device is probably a good idea. Perhaps it's odd that Lovehoney's budget-priced blowjob stroker, also available without the vibrator for only a tenner, doesn't form a seal, but it's shorter than some, so its open end both offers extra space and opportunities to focus on the base of the penis without overstimulating the glans - and it opens up some interesting blow job possibilities, too.

The vibrator isn't particularly technologically advanced, as you might imagine at the price, but it's easy enough to switch on and off when the mood takes you, and you can remove it when you're cleaning under the tap. The texture within should be far more pleasant than the slightly fearsome picture above might suggest, too. Make sure you're using plenty of water-based lube and you'll get on just fine.

Best fleshlights: Tenga Geo

(Image credit: Tenga)

5. Tenga Geo

Geometric fun that's almost sculptural

Reasons to buy
+Plenty of options+Should last a while+Looks pretty neat when inverted+Easy to clean

Oh Tenga. You never fail to arouse and amuse. Here the company takes the unusual shapes it seems so enamoured with and applies them to the outside - and, once you've inverted it for play, the inside - of a spherical elastomer toy, made extra stretchy so you can really get up close and personal with it.

The Geo comes in three designs: there's the wavy Aqua, with its undulating lines and ridges; the more complex Coral, which offers a vast number of tight corners to get stuck into; and the downright geometric Glacier, which should offer something else entirely.

The Geo range is a lot more expensive than Tenga's popular selection of Eggs, but it also has the benefit of longevity. A Geo should, if properly cleaned and cared for, last for as many sessions as you need it. Do be sure to use a good lube, though, lest things get a little sticky.

Best fleshlights: Myhixel I

(Image credit: Myhixel)

6. Myhixel I

A very competent toy, and a great training aid too

Reasons to buy
+All the functions you might want+Adjustable suction+App training could be fun – or useful

The Myhixel I isn't sold specifically on its benefits as a male masturbation toy, though all the relevant boxes are ticked in that department. It's clearly the right shape, there's a soft textured inner, an incorporated vibrator, variable suction with an open-ended cap, and even self heating. If you're looking for a do-it-all toy, this is the one.

But it's not just a toy, it's a tool aimed at improving your sexual well being. The Myhixel I can pair to your phone, at which point you can participate in one of two programs. Play MED is for those suffering from premature ejaculation and, as well as including a consultation with a sex therapist, it gamifies the process of training your physical and psychological arousal triggers with eight stages of stimulation to give you a little extra staying power. Play TR, the cheaper option, is the next stage up, with longer levels for those who already have a handle on ejaculatory control.

Best Fleshlight: Lelo F1s Developer's Kit

(Image credit: Lelo)

7. Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red

This app-controlled male masturbator uses AI to enhance your play

Reasons to buy
+Range of functions+Great for endurance+Tracks performance

Lelo has some significant prowess in the female sex toy department (the Soraya 2 is our top pick for the best vibrator, after all) so it should come as no surprise that this big step into the male market is something special. Equal parts masturbation aid (with a washable spiral-textured silicone sleeve viewable through a window), endurance trainer, performance tracker and pleasure giver, the Lelo F1s promises some highly unique sensations.

It includes both vibration functions and the company’s SenSonic tech, which fires ultrasonic waves all around the penis. All of this is monitored by a series of ten sensors and can, if you choose, be controlled automatically by an AI ‘cruise control’ engine. Lelo is even releasing a software developers kit (SDK) so that the code-savvy among you can develop your own pleasure apps for your new favourite masturbation toy.

Best Fleshlights: Tenga Egg Hard Boiled Pack

(Image credit: Tenga)

8. Tenga Egg Hard Boiled Pack

Six experiences in one handy box

Reasons to buy
+Lots to choose from+Super-compact+Something totally different

Tenga's tendency, as you may have gathered, is towards the more weird and experimental side of masturbation, and this six-pack of the company's Eggs – packaged in an actual egg box, because why not – offers a half dozen different experiences.

Crack one open and you'll find a small, squishy, and very stretchy toy inside, with the Hard Boiled pack using Tenga's stronger elastomer for a slightly more intense experience. Each egg has a different texture – Thunder is covered in little lightning bolts, Surfer has a ridged wave pattern, and so on. A real variety pack, then, though some don't care for the feeling of stretching a toy over the penis, and some textures are likely to be more effective than others.

The real downside is that these are designed for one-time use. You may get slightly longer life out of them if you're careful with cleaning, but Tenga Eggs definitely don't have the staying power of more fully-featured toys.

Best Fleshlight: Fleshlight Go Torque

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9. Fleshlight Go Torque

The best Fleshlight for watching all the action

Reasons to buy
+Translucent materials +Distinct sections +More compact +Adjustable suction 

Amongst the most accommodating male sex toys around, with a generous 9 inches of length to its bumpy canal, the frosted, translucent Torque is absolutely perfect for a little partner play given that it offers an exciting view of what's going on inside. Unlike many, there are a number of individual sections all along its sleeve, offering distinct sensations depending on how far you take it.

That see-through case isn't, by design, the most discreet (you'll want to hide it well when not in use) although it's a tad smaller than most. The transparent inner, with a tight gender-free 5mm opening which Fleshlight describes as 'cyclonic', is still made of Fleshlight's much-loved SuperSkin material so you won't be losing any sensation. 

(Image credit: Tenga)

10. Tenga Spinner

The best masturbator for men who love highly textured toys

Reasons to buy
+Easy cleaning+Exciting action+Unusual textures+Easy to dry

A different take on Tenga’s often out-there designs, here, with a male masturbator toy that employs one of three soft geometric patterns around its inner canal. Take your pick from the triangular Tetra, hexagonal Hexa and, er, shell-shaped Shell designs. The twist, as it were, is the coloured spring-like apparatus around the outside of the Spinner, which causes it to twist as it’s moved up and down. Gripping the base or the tip changes the pattern for some interesting variety.

The Spinner is easy to clean by simply running water through it, and there’s a drying base included to ensure it’s completely water-free before you add any lubricant; that’s something you’ll definitely need, because this is certainly on the tighter end of these devices.

Best Fleshlights: Fleshlight Pink Lady / Pink Butt Original

(Image credit: Fleshlight)

11. Fleshlight Pink Lady / Pink Butt Original

The one that started it all – a smooth Fleshlight for the sensitive

Reasons to buy
+Comfortable entry+Not too over-stimulating+Classic discrete packaging

Some more sensitive users find the textured canals of typical Fleshlights a little too much. But not everything has to be lumpy, bumpy, and covered in all kinds of geometric shapes – the Pink Lady and Pink Butt, the Fleshlights that started it all, keep it smooth inside. 

They're not exactly baggy. Most men will find a reasonably tight canal (and, on the Pink Butt, a suitably small opening) gives all parts of the penis plenty to experience on the way in, but the soft material means you won't be fighting to enter, and there's a pressure relief valve on the rear with which to find a balance of suction and slide.

The only real downside, if you can call it that, is the length – we'd wager most would be unable to reach all the way to the end, and if you're likely to hide it away you may wish to opt for one of Fleshlight's more compact models.

Best Fleshlight: Tenga Flip Hole

(Image credit: Tenga)

12. Tenga Flip Hole

A Fleshlight rival that's good for varied masturbation

Reasons to buy
+ Complex interior + Easy to clean + Extra pressure buttons + Various textures 

Available in a range of colours with varying textures and tightness (with the Black, the tightest, noted as perhaps a little too snug for many), Tenga's Flip Hole is a slightly different take on the standard formula. 

The whole case flips open for cleaning and to give you a clear view of what lurks inside, and when it's clipped shut there's a series of buttons on the hard outer case. Squeeze them in use, and they can help increase pressure on certain key areas.

Best Fleshlight: Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

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13. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

The best Fleshlight for travel use

Reasons to buy
+ Works well with a partner + Multiple modes + Open-ended + Reversible 

Deviating from the standard form factor, Fleshlight's Quickshot is an open-ended device that's much smaller and perfect for travel. You can leave one cap on and use it in the same way as a traditional fleshlight, with varying suction depending on how tight the end cap is applied, but remove both and it becomes much more flexible.

Flip it over to vary the way it feels, remove the outer ring for a looser experience, or really take advantage of the shorter straight-through inner canal when playing with a partner.

Best Fleshlight: Fleshlight Girls & Fleshlight Fleshjack Boys

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14. Fleshlight Girls & Fleshjack Boys

The best Fleshlight for exploring new sexual fantasies

Reasons to buy
+ Realistic outers + Option of vagina or anus + Varied inner experiences + Switchable inners 

If you're looking for something truly anatomical, Fleshlight has the answer. The company has licensed and moulded realistic replicas of many porn stars, both men and women, and applied them to their traditional structure. Each of these, in addition to that true-to-life outer, carries a one of a vast array of unique inner canals for a different experience. Fleshlight also sells just the inners on their own, if you're interested in creating a collection. If a fleshlight is your route to indulging a fantasy, there's a host of names on offer, so whether it's Riley Reid and Alexis Texas or Kevin Warhol and Brent Corrigan, you'll find something – or someone – to suit.