Wikipedia project dedicated to Welsh town, Monmouth

Special QR codes to give out information about the town

A new project that is meant to cover every aspect of life in a town has started with Monmouthpedia, dedicated to the Welsh town of Monmouth

The online encyclopedia is asking for people to send in articles, photographs and any interesting information about all aspects of life in Monmouth for the project.

New smartphone technology will allow users to scan barcodes at various points in the town and have information about that landmark sent to their mobile phone, in the language of the user's choice. There will eventually be 270 different languages, including Welsh.

John Cummings, the project leader in Monmouth said the hope was to have 1,000 such barcodes around the town by April 2012.

The Welsh town was chosen to star in this project because of its historical richness. Cummings came up with the idea after attending a talk by Wikipedia about a similar scheme put into place at Derby Museum.

Cummings told BBC News: "I talked to them and said 'that's a good idea, you could do it for a whole town' and they said 'no, you could do it for a whole town!"

Local people are being asked to get involved by suggesting and writing articles, taking and donating photographs and recommending reference material for the project.

Would you be interested in participating in such a project if it came to your town? Let us know through Twitter and Facebook or leave a comment below.

Via: BBC News