White iPhone 4 spotted in American elevator

Do repeated white iPhone leaks hint towards release?

Image 1 of 3 Apple iPhone 4 white
Apple iPhone 4 white
Image 2 of 3 Apple iPhone 4 white
Apple iPhone 4 white
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Apple iPhone 4 white

White iPhone 4 coming to stores before Christmas?

The illusive and repeatedly delayed white Apple iPhone 4 has been spotted in a lift at a press event in New York City in the latest of number of recent links that suggest the potentially imminent arrival of the lighter skinned iPhone.

The owner of the latest white iPhone, spotted by the folks at PocketLint, requested to remain anonymous but revealed that his snowy handset came direct from the One Infinite Loop at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

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Claiming that the Apple HQ is “swimming with white iPhones” the unnamed owner suggested that his friend within the fruity tech company “fixed him up” with the coveted device.

Delays on the white iPhone 4 have infuriated consumers across the globe as Apple repeatedly delays the handset’s arrival.

Unlike Stephen Fry who was content to simply tease his white iPhone 4 at the T3 Gadget Awards this week, the man in the states went on to claimed the reason for Apple’s repeated delays is down to two suppliers in the Far East unable to match the white of the home button to the white of the front face plate.

With two white iPhone 4s spotted in the space of four days on opposite sides of the globe, there is reason to suggest that the delays could soon be over and the white Apple device could be seen in stores head the Christmas period.

Stay tuned to T3.com and the T3 Twitter and Facebook pages for all the latest on the white iPhone 4 and its hopefully imminent release.

Via: PocketLint