Toshiba announce new premium tablet for UK market

10.1-inch tablet to offer "premium specifications"

Premium specification tablet to make amends for defunct Folio 100.

After all the kerfuffle over Toshiba's under-priced-yet-under-powered Folio 100 tablet, it looks like Toshiba are ditching attempts to undercut Apple's iPad and are instead flinging themselves head-on into the high-end tablet game, announcing an as-yet-unnamed tablet boasting what they call "premium specifications".

Certainly, this nameless tablet contender looks to be no slouch on paper. It touts a 10.1-inch, 1200x800 pixel touchscreen, a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and what Toshiba call "Adaptive Display Technology" - an inbuilt light sensor which tweaks the brightness of the display accordingly on the fly. Similar technological sorcery is also promised for the tablet's handling of sound, presumably using an inbuilt microphone to guage background noise.

The rest of the features fall pretty well in line with what we would expect from any modern tablet (with perhaps one Cupertino-based exception): HDMI out, rear and front-facing cameras for video chatting, an accelerometer and an SD card slot. But we're intrigued by the idea of a media tablet that adjusts viewing conditions on the fly, so long as a) we can turn it off, and b) it doesn't price the new "premium" Tosh Tab out of market.

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