Tech Today: Android 3.2 comes to Motorola Xoom

Plus: Google+ tops 10m, Apple TV will get Bluetooth

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off, with the overnight goss from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Motorola.

Android Honeycomb 3.2 roll-out begins
Owners of the Motorola Xoom tablet have begun to receive the Android 3.2 update, bringing Honeycomb compatibility for 7-inch tablets and the ability to zoom in to make apps fill the screen in the same way as the iPad upscales iPhone apps. There's also loads of bug fixes and improvements to the Music, Movies and Movie Studio apps and widgets.
Link: Gizmodo

Google+ passes 10m users in two weeks
The latest social network on the block has notched up 10 million users, according to an estimate from founder Paul Allen. By taking a small sample of Google+ surnames and matching them up against the US Census Allen reckons he can figure out how many people are on the network. His 10 million estimate is up from just 1.7m a week ago.
Link: Google+

App of the Day | Helsing's Fire HD
One of the best iPhone puzzlers is now one of the finest iPad games. Just buy it and thank us later.
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No Windows Phone on tablets say Microsoft
Microsoft's tablet endeavours will focus solely on next year's Windows 8 release, meaning there'll be no slates running the Windows Phone 7 OS in the meantime. Microsoft reckons that consumers associate tablet functionality with PCs rather than mobile gadgets.
Link: AppleInsider

iOS 5 to give Apple TV a Bluetooth boost
A line of code discovered within the latest Beta of iOS suggests that the £99 Apple TV set-top box might be getting Bluetooth functionality. There is a Bluetooth chip within Apple TV but it is not yet activated. The inclusion of Bluetooth would allow a keyboard for easier text entry and an opportunity for developers to create much-needed new apps.
Link: MacRumors

Samsung wants Apple lawyers removed from legal battle
The ongoing courtroom rumble took a new twist today when Samsung demanded that Apple's outside legal team be dismissed from the patent dispute battle currently raging between the two companies. Apparently the Apple attorneys lawyers forgot to mention that they represented Samsung in a similar case in 2006 and have plenty of inside knowledge about the company.
Link: CNET