Here's your first look at the new 2019 Motorola Razr, launches November 13

The new clamshell folding smartphone has a very retro design

Motorola Razr
(Image credit: Motorola, EVleaks)

This is your first look at the next-generation flip-phone. As the Samsung Galaxy Fold wows with its vertical book-folding display, Motorola has gone the other way and opted for a clamshell design for its reincarnation of the Motorola Razr

As we can see from the photo above, leaked by Evan Blass (evleaks) on his Twitter account, it's a clear nod to the classic 2004 model we all knew and loved. However, rather than retain the outdated keypad, the retro design is set to unfold into a true smartphone, with specs worthy of any upper-tier 2019 model. 

Its cool design has even inspired competition, as Samsung recently teased a video render of its own clamshell-folding phone. But while this is all we've seen of Samsung's rival offering, thanks to a report from GSMArena, we're now hearing that the Razr will be launched on November 13. 

Motorola Razr concept

(Image credit: Yanko Design)

Yes, you read that right. As early as the middle of next month, we'll be able to see first-hand what a flip-phone looks like in 2019. However, at present, the new-look Motorola Razr will be exclusive to US mobile carrier Verizon, with only 200,000 units available. 

It's currently unclear when (or if) the phone will even make it to stores outside the US, but one thing's for certain: should the phone take off in the US, it's likely to be a game-changer, causing ramifications sure to be felt throughout the smartphone world. Are you as excited as we are?

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