Sony outs Google TV-toting Blu-ray player

New disc spinner comes with hulking remote control

Sleek new Blu-ray player with Google TV smarts.

Sony has just outed an all-new Blu-ray player. And while that might not normally elicit too much excitement these days, this one is well worth getting het up about, thanks to Google TV under the hood.

The snappily-titled NSZ-GT1 rocks a stunning black and white design and can handle the Big S’s HD format as well as letting you stream TV shows and flicks via Google’s new web-based service. Clearly Sony reckons streaming and discs can co-exist peacefully.

The GT1 also comes with Sony’s recently outed QWERTY remote for Google TV, which lets you zip about online and tap out tweets and emails from the comfort of your own sofa.

There’s just one snag: this is a Stateside-only affair. But with Google TV doubtless winging its way to Blighty, expect to see the GT1 show up in some form over here in 2011.

Via Slashgear