Sony Alpha A77 and A65 official

Super-fast continuous shooting and hefty resolution for new DSLRs

Sony amps up SLR range with two new feature-packed snappers.

Sony has just given the official nod to two new Alpha DSLRs. The A77 and A65 each pack in a massive 24.3 megapixels for high resolution pics, as well as cramming in HD video and super-fast continuous shooting.

The latter is the biggest draw on the A77, which at 12 frames per second (fps) is the world’s fastest full-resolution continuous burst shooting with phase detection. Well, that’s according to Sony, a company not unknown for breaking records that most people are simply unaware of. Either way, it means you’ll be able to reel off stacks of snaps in quick smart fashion. The less speedy A65 can handle 10 fps.

On top of that, you’ll find autofocus with a 19 point detection system and Full HD video, as well as translucent mirror tech for getting super sharp shots. The A77 also comes with a 3 way tilting LCD panel slapped on the back.

UK prices are still TBA, but both cameras will be on the shelves of a gadget emporium near you from October. Fancy one? Tell us now over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.