Palm Pre 2 pre-order date confirmed for November 8th

...With a US on-sale date of November 11th. UK next?

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Palm Pre 2
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Palm Pre 2

Seems our US brethren will be getting WebOS sequel soon

HP and Palm's newset smartphone, the Palm Pre 2, is set for a release on US network Verizon on November 11th in the US. Pre-orders will begin on November 8th however, giving potential buyers a mere three days to assure they get their hands on one.

HP revealed the pre-order date via its Facebook page set up for students. It was not specified whether or not the Palm Pre 2 handset would be a GSM or CDMA, although rumours point towards it being a GSM.

The GSM version unfortunately only supports T-Mobile’s 3G network, while the CDMA 4G type should arrive in the near future at Verizon Wireless. The Palm Pre 2 is the first smartphone to run the new webOS 2.0 operating system, allowing for a faster processor and better performance.

With the Palm Pre 2 already launched in France and soon to be released in the US, we’re hoping that it won’t be long till we see it on the streets of the UK too. Are you looking forward to the Palm Pre 2? Let us know via our Twitter and Facebook pages.