Nokia Windows Phone incoming?

Mobile watcher claims Espoo and Redmond already in talks

The unthinkable could happen in 2011, according to Eldar Murtazin.

Nokia has always been keen to crush talk of a tie-up with either Google or Microsoft, maintaining that its phones will never come loaded with a third party operating system.

However, dynamite new info about a potential hook up between Nokia and Microsoft has just surfaced, with renowned Russian mobile watcher Eldar Murtazin claiming that Espoo and Redmond are already in talks to bring Windows Phone 7 to Nokia phones.

What’s more it seems Nokia, now run by former Microsoft man Stephen Elop, initiated the negotiations. Murtazin is well-regarded for his impeccable inside sources, with Nokia known to be infuriated with his breezy access to a slew of unannounced phones and killer mobile gossip.

With Symbian reeling and MeeGo still not on any devices, such a hook-up is no longer far-fetched. With ties between both companies getting tighter thanks to deeper software integration, this is a tech marriage that could well happen in 2011.

Via Unwired View