Nintendo Wii: 1 in 3 households have one says Ninty

Best-selling console sitting pretty in third of homes

Stats suggest millions have got ageing hub under the telly.

Nintendo has this morning claimed that one-in-three UK homes has a Nintendo Wii. That huge figure has been garnered from data by Chart Track, which shows 8.3 million Wiis have been sold since launch here in Blighty.

And with the Office of National Statistics showing there are 24.9 million homes on these shires, it doesn’t take a maths genius to figure out that one-in-three calculation.

Nintendo has released the claim as it outlines its plans for Christmas, with Sir Terry Wogan and Dame Helen Mirren joining the ranks of celebs promoting Ninty goodies. But the question is, are all those Wiis out there being used? Or have they been slung in the cupboard under the stairs in favour of more modern motion control efforts?

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Via Eurogamer