Nintendo 3DS UK launch price: Best midnight opening deals

Where you need to be at 23:59 to get the best 3DS treats

Why wait to get a 3DS? Get it first and get spoiled rotten while you're at it

Nintendo is to face the challenge of the UK arrival of the iPad two this Friday, March 25th with the launch of its new flagship console, the innovative and groundbreaking handheld, the Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS will offer the first glasses-free portable 3D gaming experience and for those of you desperate to wrap your peepers around some in-your-face 3D action, we've got a run down of all the midnight launches and what they're offering to the Nintendo faithful.

Check out our list below to decide where you'll be getting yours.


With 482 stores opening at midnight, GAME and gamestation are sure to be offering some early 3DS action near you. At every store they will be handing out one free Nintendo 3DS to one lucky customer in the queue.

If you really want to guarantee yourself a goodie though, you should head to one of the flagship stores:

• GAME Glasgow (Sauchiehall Street),
• GAME Cardiff (St Davids),
• GAME Manchester (Trafford Centre),
• gamestation Birmingham (New Street)
• gamestation Hull (Propsect Centre)

Treats on offer will include a free 3DS game for each of the first 100 people in the queue, Nintendo freebies, midnight snacks to keep you fuelled for some hardcore queuing and a free taxi ride home for the first in line.


Dixons is jumping the gun slightly by offering a pre-midnight launch event in both London and Birmingham, opening their doors at 23:45 and 23:30 respectively, ideal for the extra keen and anyone who might have school in the morning.

Of course, Dixons is not going to be letting its customers go away empty-handed either. The first 150 customers will receive a one-off special price of £179 as well as a £75 voucher book, £5 off of selected Nintendo 3DS games, £15 off Wii Fit and £20 off a Wii console. Not exactly a bad haul.


The supermarket giant will also be opening up at midnight and offering customers who buy the console in the first three days the reduced price of £15 for any 3DS game to go with your purchase. If you can bear to wait just a bit longer though, their online offer is even better with £10 off the console price.


Although there will be 100 stores opening at midnight, you really want to be getting yourself down to the flagship Oxford Street store in London. The first 500 fans will be able to snap up a 3DS game of their choice absolutely free of charge and all attendees will receive a "commemorative launch night pack" laden with goodies and a space blanket to stay warm whilst queuing. How thoughtful of you, HMV.

So now that you have all the info you need, pick your retailer of choice, pack some warm clothes and get queuing, there's only two days to go. While standing in the queue what not share your 3DS launch night experiences with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.