Nintendo 3DS launch not threatend by PSP2 arrival

Nintendo head shrugs off competition concerns

Imminent PSP2 arrival no concern to Nintendo

Nintendo has rubbished reports it fears the arrival of the PSP2 later this year announcing the “unique” 3DS launched in Amsterdam earlier this week will forge new directions in the portable gaming market.

Given a UK arrival date of March 25th with prices coming in around the £229 mark, the Nintendo 3DS is the first portable games console to sport a glasses-free 3D display for extra-dimensional gaming on the move.

Speaking on the 3DS’s European launch, Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton announced the company was happy with its 2011 offering and stated: "We don't look at opposition. They'll do what they've got to do. We've got the 3DS which offers something unique."

On the potentially imminent arrival of Sony’s PSP2 and the threat this could pose to 3DS sales, Yarnton added: "There's always stuff happening in the marketplace but I think we've got our hands pretty full with the product we've got which has so much there to offer. We're quite happy with the place we're at.”

It was rumoured earlier this month that the second generation Sony PlayStation Portable will be officially announced during a special press conference in Tokyo later this month on January 27th.

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Via: CVG