New Ice White Nintendo 3DS launch confirmed

Nintendo unveil white hued 3DS games console to launch in Japan

Nintendo has expanding the range of 3DS consoles on offer ahead of the pre-Christmas shopping rush officially unveiling the Ice White Nintendo 3DS set to launch in Japan ahead of a global rollout

Continuing the run of releasing a variety of differently hued consoles Nintendo has officially unveiled an ‘Ice White’ Nintendo 3DS that is to go on sale immediately.

Currently exclusive to Nintendo’s native Japanese market the lighter toned 3DS console is expected to hit British shores in the coming months maintaining the trend of a slow global rollout of newly introduced 3DS colour waves.

Nintendo 3DS Colours

Originally launched with Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black schemes the new Ice White Nintendo 3DS will also join a collection of glasses-free 3D console colours that include Misty Pink and Flame Red, the latter a colour that hit the UK recently to celebrate 1 million European sales.

The Nintendo 3DS was originally launched in the UK earlier this year after months of availability in Japan. Despite capturing the nation’s interest as the world’s first glasses-free 3D games console, the 3DS suffered poor launch sales and was tag with a number of potential health concerns,

What do you make of the Nintendo 3DS, will a white model make you more inclined to snap one up ahead of Christmas? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: CVG