Motorola Droid X sells out in US

But can it break the iPhone 4's 1.7m sales record?

The iPhone 4 death grip isn't all bad news... least, not for Motorola, whose latest Android handset, the Droid X, has apparently piggy-backed on the iPhone 4's list of shortcomings to sell out almost entirely accross the States after its launch on Thursday.

The Droid X, Moto's follow-up to the Droid (or the Milestone, as it's called over here in Blighty), has been open about keeping Apple in its sights. Aside from the 8MP camera with dual LED flash, HD video recording with HDMI out, Adobe Flash support and 1GHz processor, Motorola posted an ad in the New York Times reading: "Most importantly, it comes with a double antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like". Zing!

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Head to head, the Droid X and the iPhone 4 look like balanced contenders in a smartphone prizefight; the Droid packs a bigger screen, but lacks the iPhone's higher resolution retina display; the 8MP camera on the Droid wins out the iPhone's 5MP, but lacks a front facing cam for video calling (sorry, 'Face Time'); and the Droid is not as slight as its Cupertino competitor (the price you pay for having a bigger screen). We'll have more details when we get our hands on one, but on paper at least, this fight could go either way.

The Droid X is currently available in the States from the Verizon website for $200 plus contract, although there's no word on when we'll see one on this side of the pond. Expect a full hands-on the moment it does.

Via: PCWorld