Google to launch Google Circles social network?

May I/O conference may see Big G Facebook competitor launch

Google rumoured to announce its own 'Circles' Facebook competitor at May conference.

According to a post on tech blog The Next Web, Google is looking for a bite out of that lucrative social networking apple. The blog predicts the Google-built Facebook competitor - named Google Circles - will be announced at Google's annual I/O conference, scheduled this year for May 10-11th.

The Google I/O conference is the traditional jump-off point for big Google products, and in the last couple of years saw the launch of Google Wave and Google TV. If Google is hiding the next Facebook up its sleeve, I/O would be the place to announce it.

With Google all about integrating current services into future products, we reckon the Google Circles social network would more likely be an amalgamation of Google services which already prove popular (such as Maps, Places and Gmail) than a straight Facebook knock off. No solid details are available as yet, however, with The Next Web's enquiries being met with the stock "we do not comment on rumour and speculation" schtick from Google.

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Via: The Next Web