Google Nexus S price slashed in UK

Price cut and cheap contracts on offer

Carphone Warehouse gets generous ahead of Christmas.

All primed to get a Nexus S but think the price is a tad on the steep side? Then Carphone Warehouse has got an early Christmas present for you. It’s just dropped the Gingerbread-loaded blower’s price and trimmed down the contract too.

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You can now land it for £429.95 SIM-free, a huge drop from the initial £549.95 it was slapped with just last week.

To get one free on contract you’ll only need to find £30 a month instead of £35. What’s more, one of those cheap deals only lasts 18 months, with O2 touting 300 minutes, and unlimited texts and web. Not bad for a top notch new Android phone.

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Link: Carphone Warehouse