Google Earth comes to Android Honeycomb tablets

Tablet users rejoice arrival of tailored app

Honeycomb users can finally tour the World's sites from their tablets

Up until now, those owning Android tablets haven’t had the best experience of using Google Earth. With the app only being available for smartphones using Android 2.1, those with larger devices have had to magnify the image, making touring from world from your tablet a rather blurry affair.

Not anymore however, with the release of Google Earth for those tablets running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The app is tailored specifically to a larger screen, and features a location bar for easier navigation and search, as well as support for fully textured 3D building renders.

Several layers are also available, with the App incorporating Google Places, Panoramic photos, and Wikipedia information. Touring the world's sites from your sofa has never been easier.

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